Sunday, February 27, 2011


it seems to sneak up on me. maybe it's just february, and the fact it's a massive 2-3 days shorter than other months. or that i'm always fairly busy in february, what with it being carl's birthday and brighton zine fest.. but i completely did not realize that TYPICAL GRRLS is on thursday until a few days ago!



my brother FINALLY managed to send me my kallio rolling rainbow / amnesty's joku raja campaign 2011 calendar (he was supposed to bring it with him when he visited a month ago but he forgot. obvs that runs in the family) and it arrived the other day!

it's got roller grrls & it's for charity against sexual violence. it's a double whammy i say. when i asked my brother to get me one he actually said he was going to get one for himself anyway, which kinda made me love him a bit (extra) unless of course he was going to get it to perve at roller girl which not so cool.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


i suck at taking pictures at zine events. no really. i went to brighton for the brighton zine fest last weekend and these really are the only pictures i took (well, i dragged myself down to the pier to take some touristy photos, but that's a different lot) i had a really nice time though. i stayed at lianne's, and she was an excellent host. i went to the work shops on saturday but kinda missed all but the comic zines one that has somehow made me want to do one myself. well, that and tabling next to a fellow finnish lady who had done some awesome comix herself. i've gone and bought a nice new blank notebook and i've got a few ideas already. we'll see if i manage.

the distro's a bit off a mess. i was so sure i had put stuff aside for the unsent orders before i packed up for brighton but i can't fucking find the damn zines now and i sold out of a bunch of stuff. i'm gonna try to get everything in the post friday (i got stuff on their way already) and update the website sunday at the latest. i've got a whole lot of awesome new stuff! watch this space.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


i have been a little bit busy and/or pre-occupied, with typical grrls and finishing my half of the your pretty face #14 split with here. in my head #7, i got cath's side in the post the other day & it's awesome ♥ ♥ ♥ still got a fair bit to do though, and the only chance i'll have to print it (and more copies of old issues) is tuesday, which is also carl's birthday! for once i'm actually on the ball regarding presents. i got some stuff on my break today, and ordered another thing off ebay when i got home. also got myself a wee present while i was at it. you'll see.