Saturday, October 31, 2009


but not only is today the night of ghouls etc, it is the GRAND OPENING OF VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO. and first 13 unlucky customers get surprise presents!!

i was going to write a proper entry about distro things and zines and stuff but i've been a bad ladyfriend all night and spent it on the computer faffing with the website / procrastinating instead of faffing about with the website, which has meant we haven't even managed to watch a scary movie :( i was going to dress up as enid coleslaw just for fun but.. i've been lazy. it's not been terribly halloweenie halloween for me again, but it never is. which sucks because i should love halloween. but for some reason, i'm never in the mood for it on the actual day and all my fun plans have fallen through anyway. i think i've celebrated it once, four years ago when we had a halloween party at my house. i think it was a monday that year..

anyway, carl's watching the original halloween on the telly (it's been on for almost half an hour, but i've seen it, so it doesn't matter) so i'm going to go join him & leave you with this special mix i made in the celebration of vampire sushi grand opening last night while procrastinating.

1. Vampire Sushi by Old Time Relijun
2. The Forest Scares the Hell out of Me by Say Hi to Your Mom
3. Monsters by Boy Least Likely To
4. My Body's A Zombie For You by Dead Man's Bones
5. Emotional Vampire Sound by Little Hell
6. Puppy Dog Snails by The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
7. Our Diabolikal Rapture by HIM
8. Bloodbeat by Patrick Wolf
9. Rippin Kittin by Golden Boy with Miss Kittin
10. Dance In My Blood by Men, Women, & Children
11. Trick Or Treat by Peaches
12. Too Many Creeps by Bush Tetras
13. She Is The New Thing by The Horrors
14. Human Fly by The Cramps
15. Gothic Girl by The 69 Eyes
16. Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett & The Crypt-Kick
17. Halloween by Ash

Thursday, October 29, 2009


sleeps, originally uploaded by ambird.

things that make me happy at the moment:

♥ zines zines zines! i have a small pile of zines to read and a list to make of zines i want to distro soon.

♥ harry potter audiobooks. carl was complaining last night that i don't spend any time with him, just harry, and this thing :/ so i watched the end of collateral damage with him.

♥ millionaire's shortbread

♥ calling carl diddums

♥ the bed. i wish i could stay in there FOREVER.

russell howard's good news

♥ looking at blythe dolls. i think i'd rather like an ichigo heaven or miss sally rice, if i were to get a stock doll. i should really do something about winifred's hair.

THE ARK ARE BACK IN THE STUDIO MAKING MUSIC. best news of the day. so added to my google reader. i love them so much. and miss them even more, i will cry big fat tears if they don't come and play london so i can try to steal sylle's bowler hat again and have weird conversations about the heteronormative nature of rocknroll. it's been too long.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Headache, originally uploaded by Laurence 2.

today had such a bad start. i was dreading work because the boss was back today (he's been away in ireland on a long weekend, phew) and i was worried about seeing him again. and it started bad, the first thing he told me was he didn't appreciate me telling people he'd shouted at me and it happened again, i'd be gone. then he buggered off somewhere, i tried to print out all the orders but couldn't help but start panicky crying. eventually it escalated to some kind of a panic attack. i couldn't stop crying and i could breathe properly. i wanted to quit my job so bad, just go home right then before anyone gets a chance to fire me / to just get it fucking over with so i don't have to worry about it. eventually i went in the toilets and rang my mum and she told me i can't quit my job, i'd be fucked and wouldn't be able to even go on benefits. to just have some finnish sisu and tell him to fuck off in finnish. when i came out of the toilet with my eyes still all red and leaking, i saw the boss and we had a little talk. i don't really want to get into it but hopefully he'll remember at least some of the things i said and works on his mannerisms and the way he talks to me. and hopefully everyone else too. you'd think you'd be a bit extra sensitive to someone you know is emotionally fragile.. fingers crossed. i did almost go home but eventually my breathing calmed down and i felt like a stupid over dramatic idiot. so embarrassing.. the rest of the day was actually fine. except for nasty lady who said i wasn't listening to her when really she was the one who wasn't listening to what i was saying and finished of with "you've ruined my son's birthday." thanks a lot. to be honest, once we've sent your damn WWE scooter, it's not really up to us, it's the courier company and you, and it's easier if you talk to them directly rather than me go back and forth on courier and you. some people are impossible.

i think i may have found a dress for dressing up as kiki the young witch in primark. but i'm not sure, it was knitted and i didn't really like it otherwise and £13 is not cheap for something i might never wear again. i guess there's still tk maxx.. and there were some ok ones in new look, but they were closing up yesterday as i was i having a quick look on my way home.

i think i'm going to go and read zines in the bedroom. there's still a few more descriptions that need writing for the distro website. also, there's evil forms that need filling in but i dont have the mental energy to fill. supposed to do them by the end of the week, i think.

maranda received my half of our split yesterday, she should be mailing me the flats very soon, then there will be new EPIC split zines! she'll already have some this weekend at Hallowzine (saturday) & Canzine (sunday) if you're anywhere near in toronto, canadialand.

Monday, October 26, 2009


sigh. i have a feeling this year will be yet another halloween i won't dress up or do anything else either. i just paid the council tax and there's a big lump of housing benefit i have to pay back too. not sure i can afford to do anything. and the way i've been feeling lately, i don't know if i can be arsed anyway. i love halloween, but i never manage to celebrate it. i'm never in the mood by the time it actually arrives.

also, i haven't sorted out a costume! and it's getting a bit late now. here are some of my ideas.

i quite wanted to be kiki the young witch for halloween. all i'd really need would be a dark purple dress, big red bow, red flat shoes, a black cat, broomstick & maybe a parcel. unfortunately i don't have the time to go shopping til saturday and how likely is it that i'll actually find a dark purple dress? if only i had a sewing machine! i might go have a quick look at primark tomorrow during my lunch break..

i've also been considering enid coleslaw from ghostworld. the comic book. mainly because there are no colours so i can just borrow carl's grey cardigan & one of his checkered shirts. ha ha. i'm so lazy. when i said to carl i was thinking about going as enid, he said: "but you already dress like her. that's not dressing up."

in an ideal world, i would dress up as luna lovegood! but unfortunately i haven't got long blond hair and i actually look really bad in a long blond wig. sigh. i've already got those tights.. though they do have ladders.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


......vampire girl, originally uploaded by jamfancy.

i haven't again blogged properly for a while. boo. after finishing the YOUR PRETTY FACE side of my split with miss maranda of TELEGRAM MA'AM last saturday, i've been feeling a bit lost. no project to work on and worry about. well, for a couple of days at least. then i decided that it was time i got my act together regarding VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO. we've had lovely lovely stock for a while and it's all just been sitting in a brown cardboard box from ikea waiting for me to finish the damn website. so i've been working on that. and it's almost done, just a few more descriptions i think and general tweakage. it will be opening on 31st october, also known as all hallow's eve. mark that in your calendars. first certain amount of orders will get special presents! the address obvs will be WWW.VAMPIRESUSHI.CO.UK, i bought the domain last night and it's already working. yaye.

i've also been ill. nasty nasty cold with a double nasty cough. so bad i only went to work monday and tuesday this week. i felt so bloody awful wednesday morning i rang in sick (also, i'd been a bit sick too) and my boss tried to bully me into coming in. mean fuck. i still felt awful thursday morning but i got up and went to work and he sent me home with a tone of 'for fucks sake why are you so melodramatic' and whatever. i felt better again friday morning but as i sat there doing my work i felt worse again and left early, after two and a half hours. boss managed to be a dick about it again. i said about it about an hour before i left, suggesting i'll finish what needs to be done (all the questions, labels & returns etc) and then go, to make it a bit less of a bother, me going home early and he managed to be really fucking passive aggressive about it. oh gee, thanks. way to make me feel guilty. it's not like i'm off sick all the time. i think i've been off sick once, maybe twice before in two and a bit years. i think i should get a fucking medal. i'm so glad he's off to ireland until wednesday so i don't have to put up with his ugly dickhead face. he'll just upset me and make me iller. enjoyed my five days of lounging around the flat though. except for the bit where i feel bloody awful and cough my lungs out and can't sleep properly. otherwise, brilliant. i'm on my third bottle of cough mixture. unfortunately today i had to change to superdrugs chesty cough mixture today because they'd run out of lovely bronchial mixture. the chesty stuff's well rank compared. i've also gone through almost two 750ml bottles of double concentrated blackcurrant squash, mostly drunk hot. oh and a tub of cookie dough ice cream. and season 2 of true blood.

today i have been home alone almost all day. carl went to oxfam from 12 til 4 (plus walking time) and then he left again for his cousin's 18th birthday party around six. i'm still too ill to go. best get all the rest i can. i just watched harry potter and the philosopher's stone and ate a bit too much creamy bacon & courgette pasta (2 portions, oops.) i could probably watch another film before going to bed. try not to worry about anything in the mean time.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


carl brought yet another camera home today from oxfam. a balda baldinette II. the leather on the case is very delicate and barely holding on together, and i haven't got a clue if it works and i can't find a free instruction manual on the internet for it. but if nothing else, it's pretty. the camera family is ever growing. perhaps one day, you'll get to meet them all.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


i actually drew this a while ago (on oct 4th, to be exact)
i just haven't had the chance / energy to scan and post it.


i got me some new friends. let me introduce you to fred & george weasley! x


i just finished your pretty face #9 and the pages are ready to be sent out to miss maranda first thing monday. it's gonna be fucking epic. about 70 pages altogether. we could have just had them as separate zines, actually might have made more sense.. but it's the principle! and besides, i'd already made all my pages to fit american paper. it's slightly wider and shorter than my beloved A4. why do they have to be so difficult, aye? it'll be couple of weeks before i can make any copies but unless the postal service fails us, she'll have some for sale at canzine in toronto, canada on nov 1st, if you're in those parts of the world..

i feel a bit restless now, not got any zine to work on. i've been busy doing that all week and now there's nothing. well, there's a bunch of other stuff that needs doing like, the distro. and my website. computery things. meh. not that keen on computery things anymore. but i do rather need to sort this distro thing out. it's getting ridiculous. we've got so many good zines already in stock. and i've decided not to get any more until the website's live. so starting tomorrow, working hard on that. it seems i need projects to stay positive. though i guess i could always just start working on #10 already. ha ha. i do have a couple of different ideas already. actually they've been mulling around in my brain for a while.

Friday, October 09, 2009


Stories to be told...., originally uploaded by ~✽ Yen ♪ ✽~.

i'm going to go sit on the bed under the covers in my rainbow jammies, turn the electric blanket on to 2, and type like a madwoman. i've got pretty much all of YOUR PRETTY FACE #9 written, i just need to type it all up / make it pretty. i'm sure maranda is frustrated with my apathy/slow progress. but i'm definitely getting there and our split zine's going to be epic. at least in a 'it's quite long' kind of way. i've been avoiding work for days now. i want to do it, but i just always have some excuse, or start at 10.30pm and need to go the bed an hour later, when i have only just really got going and am all on edge from writing. blah. but tonight and tomorrow i will work work work. carl's playing his new war game so he cannot moan about typewriter sounds giving him a headache, because his machine guns are worse. they drown each other out.

i'm going to try my best to go to the post office tomorrow morning. though if the queue is all the way to the outside again like last saturday morning, i might just give up and get carl to go some afternoon. on his way back from oxfam or something. i am so behind on post. really. so behind it's ridiculous. i got a parcel from mummy today but i forgot it all in the break room at work, didn't realise until i was outside pentagon trying to push the zebra crossing wait button without being splashed by passing cars and five inch deep massive puddle and it was too late to go back for it.

Monday, October 05, 2009


how did peter ‘wormtail’ pettigrew ever get sorted into gryffindor?

no, really. this is a serious question.

these are the kind of things i think about while doing the dishes. to be honest, i was listening to chapter one of harry potter & the goblet of fire, but still.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

pictures of the home.

all of our kitchen was temporarily in the living room because we had a new kitchen built couple of weeks ago. actually, the fridge is still in there..

the builders accidently made a hole in our hallway wall.

the washing machine sort of flooded our kitchen twice. and soaked carl's shoes.


i've been sort of epicly failing at everything lately. i went to the doctor's last monday; there's nothing wrong with my lungs and she gave me two months worth of fluoxetine (more commonly known as prozac) for my mentalness and told me to come back in three weeks. though there was no suitable appointments in three weeks so i got one in four. though i'm going to have to move that too, cos the boss is off in ireland that day so i can't leave work early. meh. i've been eating the pills for six days now, not much change. i had a really horrible week at work too. i'm really sick of the place. i need to get the fuck out. i know this, yet i do fuck all about it. it's scary.

i got a bagful of shoes, handbags and other accessories (including a tiny blue camera!) for winifred in the post the other day. good times. and some zines. i've been working hard on YOUR PRETTY FACE #9 (split with telegram ma'am) i've got a bunch of stuff written, just need to make them pretty etc. which seems to be harder this time than it should be.

tomorrow i need to a) ring the doctor's to reschedule that damn appointment and b) ring the housing benefit lady to find out what the fuck is going on because i got a letter saying we need to pay them £79 of housing benefit they've overpaid us. does this mean we don't qualify anymore, cos previously they've just been taking it off the current benefits... sigh. i hate being grown up.

i just want to sleep forever.