Sunday, October 25, 2009


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i haven't again blogged properly for a while. boo. after finishing the YOUR PRETTY FACE side of my split with miss maranda of TELEGRAM MA'AM last saturday, i've been feeling a bit lost. no project to work on and worry about. well, for a couple of days at least. then i decided that it was time i got my act together regarding VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO. we've had lovely lovely stock for a while and it's all just been sitting in a brown cardboard box from ikea waiting for me to finish the damn website. so i've been working on that. and it's almost done, just a few more descriptions i think and general tweakage. it will be opening on 31st october, also known as all hallow's eve. mark that in your calendars. first certain amount of orders will get special presents! the address obvs will be WWW.VAMPIRESUSHI.CO.UK, i bought the domain last night and it's already working. yaye.

i've also been ill. nasty nasty cold with a double nasty cough. so bad i only went to work monday and tuesday this week. i felt so bloody awful wednesday morning i rang in sick (also, i'd been a bit sick too) and my boss tried to bully me into coming in. mean fuck. i still felt awful thursday morning but i got up and went to work and he sent me home with a tone of 'for fucks sake why are you so melodramatic' and whatever. i felt better again friday morning but as i sat there doing my work i felt worse again and left early, after two and a half hours. boss managed to be a dick about it again. i said about it about an hour before i left, suggesting i'll finish what needs to be done (all the questions, labels & returns etc) and then go, to make it a bit less of a bother, me going home early and he managed to be really fucking passive aggressive about it. oh gee, thanks. way to make me feel guilty. it's not like i'm off sick all the time. i think i've been off sick once, maybe twice before in two and a bit years. i think i should get a fucking medal. i'm so glad he's off to ireland until wednesday so i don't have to put up with his ugly dickhead face. he'll just upset me and make me iller. enjoyed my five days of lounging around the flat though. except for the bit where i feel bloody awful and cough my lungs out and can't sleep properly. otherwise, brilliant. i'm on my third bottle of cough mixture. unfortunately today i had to change to superdrugs chesty cough mixture today because they'd run out of lovely bronchial mixture. the chesty stuff's well rank compared. i've also gone through almost two 750ml bottles of double concentrated blackcurrant squash, mostly drunk hot. oh and a tub of cookie dough ice cream. and season 2 of true blood.

today i have been home alone almost all day. carl went to oxfam from 12 til 4 (plus walking time) and then he left again for his cousin's 18th birthday party around six. i'm still too ill to go. best get all the rest i can. i just watched harry potter and the philosopher's stone and ate a bit too much creamy bacon & courgette pasta (2 portions, oops.) i could probably watch another film before going to bed. try not to worry about anything in the mean time.


frl.zucker said...

you should really get rid of this job. everytime you write about yr boss i want to punch him in the face!

ps. get well soon <3

tukru loves you said...

i'm working on that. job hunting..


Anonymous said...

Did I miss Your Pretty Face #8? You mentioned working on #9 in your last post. At any rate, I hope you get better soon, and that you fill your Etsy shop up with zines!

tukru loves you said...

A, i think i put #8 on etsy in beginning of september. it's temporarily sold out at the moment, but once i get the flats for #9/telegram ma'am #18 from maranda i'll make more copies of EVERYTHING.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, can't wait! :)