Monday, October 05, 2009


how did peter ‘wormtail’ pettigrew ever get sorted into gryffindor?

no, really. this is a serious question.

these are the kind of things i think about while doing the dishes. to be honest, i was listening to chapter one of harry potter & the goblet of fire, but still.


Cerda X said...

I haven't finished the saga yet (I live in Argentina and books are quite expensive here), but I think the great mistake in the books was including time travel and only using it in one ocassion with poor results! I mean, instead of preventing Sirius of getting the Kiss -on the third book-, they could have caught Peter and prevent a lot of worse problems. Or use it again later- really.

Sunshine said...

i've thought about that as well. I'm thinking that peter begged the sorting hat to put him in gryffindor after he saw sirius sorted. because yeah, really he is no definition of a gryffindor.

frl.zucker said...

maybe the hat saw there was at least a bit bravery in him, that he thought could grow if he was with the right people (=gryffindors)? do you think the hat regretted his decision?

Enid said...

The sorting hat does make mistakes, but there is also that bit where Dumbledore tells Harry that you do have some choice over which house you want to be in, like when Harry is saying, "please not Slytherin." I think that's also why Sirius wasn;t in Slytherin, cos he really wanted to be Gryffindor.