Thursday, October 29, 2009


sleeps, originally uploaded by ambird.

things that make me happy at the moment:

♥ zines zines zines! i have a small pile of zines to read and a list to make of zines i want to distro soon.

♥ harry potter audiobooks. carl was complaining last night that i don't spend any time with him, just harry, and this thing :/ so i watched the end of collateral damage with him.

♥ millionaire's shortbread

♥ calling carl diddums

♥ the bed. i wish i could stay in there FOREVER.

russell howard's good news

♥ looking at blythe dolls. i think i'd rather like an ichigo heaven or miss sally rice, if i were to get a stock doll. i should really do something about winifred's hair.

THE ARK ARE BACK IN THE STUDIO MAKING MUSIC. best news of the day. so added to my google reader. i love them so much. and miss them even more, i will cry big fat tears if they don't come and play london so i can try to steal sylle's bowler hat again and have weird conversations about the heteronormative nature of rocknroll. it's been too long.


frl.zucker said...

i SO wanted ichigo heaven forever... but now i want miss sally rice even more, they're on the very top of my blythe wishlist. <3 oh and goldie of course!

Jasmine said...

The ark better come or I will join you in tears of woe.
Yr PIC xx