Sunday, September 27, 2009


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it's kind of awkward lately when someone i sort of know in real life (acquaintances) ask me how i am. i don't want to lie and say "i'm fine / alright / ok", but i also don't want to you know, burden them. i'm sort of ok, but not. if that makes any sense.

i made really nice spinach and carrot muffins today and i grated the knuckle of my right thumb. i wish i had nice kiddie plasters.. i'm trying to eat different things for breakfast, keep away from gallons of yogurt. i've been knitting fingerless gloves to sell on etsy (there's only so many i need) our kitchen is finished. carl's going to paint it white tomorrow or wednesday or whenever. we tested our washing machine today and it works. it sort of flooded our kitchen twice last week. but it's fine now. carl's going to do the first proper laundry run tomorrow while i'm at work. i've got yet another productivity fail kind of weekend underneath my belt. at least zinewise.

i've got my doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon, five o'clock. i haven't filled in my mental health form. i'm not even 100% where it is. i'm nervous.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009



i'm still alive. there's a bunch of things i could talk about but i don't want to get into any of it. really.

- we've got a new kitchen that makes even washing dishes seem not that bad (and i quite hate doing the dishes..) it's very nice.
- i'm feeling all fragile because a) hormones and b) nothing goes as planned. i've said it before, i'm saying it again; maybe i should give up on plans.
- i need heathers on dvd and inflict it on carl who won't appreciate it. i've got it on vhs from some charity shops £1 box, along with some jem videos and cecil b. demented. of course, all unwatched by me because i don't have a vcr. boo.
- i'm expecting doll shoes & accessories in the post. tres exciting! i've been slowly re-rooting winifred's hair with crappy blue synthetic wig hair to see if i can actually do it before i embark on the missing with expensive pretty proper stuff. i'm slowly getting there. sort of. at night when i'm bored on the computer and too restless to go to bed, i keep window shopping for the hair. i just can't decide what colour to go for. so many pretties.. or maybe none of them are quite right..
- slowly working on YOUR PRETTY FACE #9 and getting the distro online. actually i think i'm going to go tidy up the kitchen, do the dishes and then crack on with distro. though i'll probably end up only just getting started because jamie's america will be on 4+ in 45 minutes.. mmph. why do i keep wasting time on this piece of shit doing nothing?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


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i forgot to mention, i'll be attending Brighton Zine Social tomorrow (friday) night at coachworks, and i'll be bringing the distro with me as well as my notes for YOUR PRETTY FACE #9 and scraps from my zining box. see you there!


♥ colouring in my silly drawings to make them look actually quite nice.

true blood - i only just started the other day because a) i like vampires and b) it looked a billion times better than bloody twilight which is a pile of fluffy mary sue kack written by a 12 year old. ugh. & i'm loving it. half way through first season because every episode ends with such a bloody cliffhanger i have to watch the next one right away. i've always had a thing for vampires, when i was a youngling i used to devour the little vampire books. i'm actually semi-working on my own twist on the cliches...

♥ "beautiful breakfast tortillas" from jamie's america cookbook. my new favourite thing ever. so yummy. i'm going to try to have the time / energy to make it for my breakfast tomorrow morning too.

in other news: i'm off to brighton tomorrow morning. i'll be back sunday afternoon and that's the end of my glorious one week holiday. i wish i had a bit longer. i still feel like shit. the holiday hasn't helped at all with the knackered feeling. everything's just too much and i really do not want to go back to work ever again. i wish i could have even just one extra day away from that place. you'd think being away for a week would help, but i guess it isn't just that place. it's everything that's too much.



carl made some posters for the oxfam closing down sale.










i went to the hospital to get my chest x-ray done and got to rock one of the sexy hospital gowns.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


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i've been feeling a bit down lately. i went to the doctor's yesterday about this evil phlegmmy cough i've had for months and months that makes me gag in the mornings and i came back with an order for an x-ray, a prescription for nasal spray and a mental health form to fill in for when i got back for a check up in three weeks. i started crying in her office and couldn't stop and told her it happens all the time and it's affecting everything, it's getting ridiculous. so i'm going to try and fix me. or at least manage the damage.

i'm on holiday at the moment. it's nice, not having to go to work but i feel a bit shit for not having done more things i don't get to / have the energy to do when working. i'm gonna try to get some zining done tonight. though probably not because i am a bit useless like that.

but i've done some nice cooking though. on sunday i used one of my high street vouchers on jamie's america and i've already cooked three recipies from it; walford salad (ok) killer mac n cheese (good) and mexican breakfast tortilla (uber nom, the best ever!) and tonight we're making chunky tortilla soup because avocados and lime cheer me up.

i am currently enjoying beck covering velvet underground & nico.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

PICTURES OF ME / MY LIFE (past tense?)

Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you’re interested in or curious about. It can be anything from my favorite shirt to my cell phone. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, and I’ll snap the pictures and post them as soon as I can be arsed..

i know i 'did' this same meme a couple of months back on my old blog (& my livejournal. i'm asking there too..) & never took any pictures, but i will this time. and the ones requested last time.

i've been sorting through the old band photo archive. i've gone through about thirty folders / gigs, and i've got about fifty more left. not too bad, most of it done today. it's making me all nostalgic though. wondering when i stopped doing silly fun things.


usernames by jessica williams got me thinking about my old usernames. the names you choose to represent you on the internets do say something about you. it's quite fascinating. this list includes all of my lj usernames and some email + aim etc ones i could remember. what are yours?

Thursday, September 03, 2009



this issue of YOUR PRETTY FACE is mainly about work & worries. or how unhappy it was making me during the month of july. i wrote this zine during the last two weeks of the month, trying to get something finished in time for alternative press fair, and i was having an especially bad time. so the zine is quite angry and tearful (i cry when i'm angry. scream and cry. but mostly cry, especially when in public/at work) there's also a bunch about harry potter, which was eating my brain a little bit. & my love for luna lovegood. with drawings by the amazing frl.zucker!

it comes with a 10 page minizine because i thought it was a bit too angry and mopey, and i wanted to just say that it's not that bad all the time. but i'm not sure i succeeded in that.

handcoloured covers, as usual.

1/4 size, 26 pages + 10 page minizine


(let me know if it sells out, i've got plenty more, like almost eighty copies. i just couldn't be arsed to list every single copy.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

i finally finished the accompanying mini zine last night, and printed a few copies after work. silly me, i stayed up too late again and was knackered in the morning. ended up running late(r than usual) cos i got distracted by the mistakes in #7 and had to open & fix a few orders that carl took to the post office today.

maybe now i can concentrate on the split with telegram ma'am! well, at least i can stop feeling shit about my inability to finish the mini, since it's actually finished now, after three weeks of faffery. including losing all the bits i'd done, and then finding them. boys, they tidy things in silly places.