Sunday, September 06, 2009


usernames by jessica williams got me thinking about my old usernames. the names you choose to represent you on the internets do say something about you. it's quite fascinating. this list includes all of my lj usernames and some email + aim etc ones i could remember. what are yours?


frl.zucker said...

my first livejournal was called "slaughterlucy", ahahaha. :D that was when i was 14 though, so it's ok.

frl.zucker said...

PS. THE NICOLE GEORGES VIDEO YOU POSTED IS SO COOL. harry potter fucking rules! and why does everyone think twilight is the new hp?

Melissa Dominic said...

oh man, i should do a blog post on this, the usernames i've had have been...MANY. they reflect a style we are or wish we had or something, esp when we were teens. so interesting.

i like your list!