Tuesday, September 22, 2009



i'm still alive. there's a bunch of things i could talk about but i don't want to get into any of it. really.

- we've got a new kitchen that makes even washing dishes seem not that bad (and i quite hate doing the dishes..) it's very nice.
- i'm feeling all fragile because a) hormones and b) nothing goes as planned. i've said it before, i'm saying it again; maybe i should give up on plans.
- i need heathers on dvd and inflict it on carl who won't appreciate it. i've got it on vhs from some charity shops £1 box, along with some jem videos and cecil b. demented. of course, all unwatched by me because i don't have a vcr. boo.
- i'm expecting doll shoes & accessories in the post. tres exciting! i've been slowly re-rooting winifred's hair with crappy blue synthetic wig hair to see if i can actually do it before i embark on the missing with expensive pretty proper stuff. i'm slowly getting there. sort of. at night when i'm bored on the computer and too restless to go to bed, i keep window shopping for the hair. i just can't decide what colour to go for. so many pretties.. or maybe none of them are quite right..
- slowly working on YOUR PRETTY FACE #9 and getting the distro online. actually i think i'm going to go tidy up the kitchen, do the dishes and then crack on with distro. though i'll probably end up only just getting started because jamie's america will be on 4+ in 45 minutes.. mmph. why do i keep wasting time on this piece of shit doing nothing?

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