Tuesday, September 08, 2009


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i've been feeling a bit down lately. i went to the doctor's yesterday about this evil phlegmmy cough i've had for months and months that makes me gag in the mornings and i came back with an order for an x-ray, a prescription for nasal spray and a mental health form to fill in for when i got back for a check up in three weeks. i started crying in her office and couldn't stop and told her it happens all the time and it's affecting everything, it's getting ridiculous. so i'm going to try and fix me. or at least manage the damage.

i'm on holiday at the moment. it's nice, not having to go to work but i feel a bit shit for not having done more things i don't get to / have the energy to do when working. i'm gonna try to get some zining done tonight. though probably not because i am a bit useless like that.

but i've done some nice cooking though. on sunday i used one of my high street vouchers on jamie's america and i've already cooked three recipies from it; walford salad (ok) killer mac n cheese (good) and mexican breakfast tortilla (uber nom, the best ever!) and tonight we're making chunky tortilla soup because avocados and lime cheer me up.

i am currently enjoying beck covering velvet underground & nico.

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Diana said...

i was sick all summer and i feel the bear of wanting it to go away. i hope you feel better!