Friday, December 31, 2010


picture found off ye good olde tumblr, here though i doubt that is the original source....

i was going to do that 2010 was crap, hope 2011 is better and have a look at how my resolutions / goals for the year went entry today but i didn't get around to it because i made really nice curry for dinner from my new cook book and made a rather failed baking experiment (brownie recipe does NOT make cupcakes. this may be obvious to all but me) and it's kinda late already. me and carl are going to drink navy rum & coke, watch a film (howl's moving castle, i think) eat the failed 'cupcakes' and hope for the best. guess i'll do that entry tomorrow then. i've got high hopes for next year..

Thursday, December 30, 2010


JOSSAIN ON KAI VIELÄ JOULU - leevi & the leavings

Thursday, December 23, 2010


i've just finished my wrapping par one item i need to finish off! though i have a strange nagging feeling i've forgotten something.. carl made us some nom as fuck chilli con carne with his best ever recipe, which i can't find on the internets anymore but it's in one of my zines. it's been a while since he's made it.

we're going to carl's mum's house tomorrow evening for the weekend. i'm planning to start knitting a proper big project while i'm there. i've just bought & downloaded the pattern for this cute as fuck bed jacket / cardigan from ravelry and i'm going to go buy some wool & possible new needles in town tomorrow before i go meet emma & natalie for coffee in rochester in the afternoon. i think i'm going to go for dark purple. i'm aware i've got a fuckload of wool at home, but not enough of the same colour and kind to make a cardi, they're more for little projects like mittens and berets. we'll see if i ever actually finish this one. i hope so. it'd be my first big thing i've finished knitting.. just need to stick to it whenever bored / watching telly.

y'all have a nice xmas weekend. i probably won't get on the internets again proper til we're back home. unless i manage to sneak on carl's mum's laptop while the boys play their new games or whatever.

Monday, December 20, 2010


i haven't been blogging here much lately. just haven't had much to say, felt much more at ease with the new other blog that i do with sinikka, more comfortable with finnish, cos i need finnish and it's all cold and snowy like home except not at all. i've been tumbling and knitting and filling distro orders and working less days and getting excited about things in fairly far future and started writing letters again after over two months of not writing any letters. my wrist still hurts, but i'm anxious to get back to derby practice, even if just to watch because i miss the company of other grrls. most of the christmas presents are done and i'm only working three more days this year (wednesday, next monday and next wednesday) carl put up the christmas decorations on saturday while i was at work, i'll probably take some pictures tomorrow while he's at oxfam christmas dinner at pizza express (christmassy isn't it?) i've started scribbling shit down for your pretty face #14 and i feel better about stuff, i think. worried about money but i try to not think about that too much because i'll just lose sleep over it and that will make me miserable. bed has been far too comfortable lately and i've been over staying in bed in the morning (it's not oversleeping if you're actually awake, just unable to coax yourself out of the bed) but 'luckily' the last few mornings i've had to go to work our front door has somewhat frozen shut overnight so i've had a good excuse for why i'm ever so slightly late. it's no fun trying to melt your door with a bob marley lighter first thing in the morning though.. swings and fucking roundabouts. i'm going to go make a cup of tea (for carl) and a cup of chocolate brownie hot chocolate for me, go hide under the duvet with carl and watch sherlock holmes. (for some reason carl thinks i hate guy richie films. this is false, i have actually yet seen a film by him i didn't enjoy. & i've seen most of them..)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i bought myself a wee christmas present from work on sunday, the Hello Kitty Magazine Maker, which i think might be the best piece of hello kitty merch i've ever seen. then again, i'm a zinester, i would think that. it's not as awesome as i expected though, the page sheets are made of this horrid shiny paper that smudges really easily cos its high gloss. but i'm just gonna photo copy them anyway for zine purposes / collage on them. and it comes with cute as fuck stamps and LOADS OF STICKERS. like 150, so it's not all bad. probably not quite worth the tenner but who cares. and i got 25% off anyway so not all bad! and there's a cute sticker of hello kitty with a bandage that is so going on my derby helmet, after all i am the injury queen. and i'm kinda tempted use almost nothing but this kit for the layout of YOUR PRETTY FACE #14. best or worst idea ever?

in other news, me and my dear friend sinikka started a little fashion & stuff blog called HIPSTER MUMMOT, cos that's how we dress. like hipster grannies. it's mostly in finnish but we've decided to include little english translations on the bottom of each entry so less people are left out due to the language barrier. and besides i don't think google translate can handle my finnish anyway. i write like i talk. translating machines can't handle finnish anyway.

in second lot of other news i've been working for four days straight and i've got one more day to go before 2 days off, one day in, one day off and then it's next week and i don't know yet. really hoping for not 5 days in a row. i've still got chrimbo shopping to do and my bank has fucked up my overdraft. but hopefully i'll get that sorted thursday. i'm very very tired. and it's my bedtime. off to fill my hot water bottle again!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


THE ARK, my favourite band EVER have decided to split up. they are doing a farewell tour in the spring & summer but i expect it will be the usual scandinavian route, no angleterre. as usual i am skint as fuck and i don't expect the situation will change by march. i am making epic sadface. thank fuck i don't have to go to work tomorrow, not til saturday. i can spend all day wallowing and listening to nothing but the ark. i looked at the calendar & some old gig photos and realised today is actually exactly 10 YEARS & 10 DAYS since i first saw them and truly madly deeply fell head over heels with this band. it's like they read my brain and then write their fucking songs. well, maybe not every single one of their songs but so many. and so often things i didn't even realise i was thinking.

i haven't seen them since april 2007 because being grown up and out of college doesn't mesh well with following bands around. though they haven't been as active as before i guess. i've only really missed one album's worth of touring. but still. i was pretty upset last spring & summer when all my friends back home went to see them and i was here, privately hating england.

i've been thinking about making a zine about my stupid silly amazing rocknroll adventures for a while, i guess there is no time like now? but to make it now in time to give to the boys or after all is over and send a copy to them when it's finished, or both = make two zines?

me, ola-la and jasmine, march 2003.

i think 2010 is now officially the worst year ever, and i thought 2009 was crap. can 2011 please be a lot fucking better, pretty please?

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


your pretty face is going straight to hell #13 & #12

YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL #13 & #12 (in order of appearance)

i actually finished / printed #13 THE DAY BEFORE i fractured my wrist, so the damn things have been sitting in my skates' box unassembled. which was really bloody frustrating, especially since it had taken me three, four months to put pen to paper and shit and then i couldn't share it with anyone. #13 is about the first half of 2010 which wasn't the greatest time. full of loss and grief and feeling crappy. for some reason i don't feel comfortable saying why on my blog but putting it all zine seems to be ok.

#12 is about when i fractured my wrist at roller derby and my time off and stuff. there's not much else i can say to describe it!

as you may have figured out from what i just said, #13 was written before #12. but i decided to swap the numbers around because i thought #13 appropriate thanks to the misery. who knew i'd be so unlucky the day after printing! well, what's done is done.

your pretty face is going straight to hell #13 & #12

as per usual, they're available from good old VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO.
along with a whole of new awesome zines, and the good old ones.

Friday, December 03, 2010


doppelgänger doll

doppelgänger doll

our upstairs neighbour gave me this doll a couple of months ago because apparently it looks just like me. haven't really had a chance to take a picture of it until now and besides, i think the snowy backgrounds much better than anything else ever anyway.

snow face

it snowed a fuckload tuesday night and it continued snowing ALL WEDNESDAY. me and carl went out to town yesterday when it seemed to be official snow day. half the places in town were already shut at 4pm. including my work. which was a shame cos i was gonna go buy me some leopard print wellies! my old wellies have come apart in a crucial seem around my ankle.

here's some pictures of chatham in the snow;








it's been a while since i've made a proper blog post. not much has been going on, well other than i got my cast of a couple of weeks ago andi went back to work on monday. they've cut down on my hours now though cos i'm sharing days with my replacement. but that's cool, that means i get to actually breathe and have days off during the week. i don't really give a shit about the weekend anyway. it's not like i go out or anything. and i can do grown up things on weekday days off, like go to the post office or pay rent or whatevs. it's a shame about moneys though... this week i worked monday, tuesday and wednesday and i'll be working tomorrow. next week it's monday, wednesday and the weekend. it's been a whole lot less scary being back than i expected.

i've been working hard the last couple of days to get vampire sushi re-opened. i decided to even revamp the website (cos that's how i roll) today i have been writing descriptions and stuff. all i really need to do is scan all the new zines and boom. though there are the few unsent orders from before. they're all ready to be posted now, and i was going to go to the post office today but decided against it because a) its fucking cold, and b) royal mail is going to take ages delivering them anyway cos they're all up to their whatevers in snow. england's not so good with dealing with snow, incase you hadn't heard. but i'm definitely posting them and anything else i've got to post on tuesday which is my next weekday off. not much point going to the post office on my break tomorrow, they wouldn't go anywhere anyway. so yeah, planning a grand re-opening tonight or this weekend. i expect this weekend. i've re-organized the distro corner and it's all nice and organized (no shit, sherlock) and with these weekdays off i should be more able to keep on top of distro shit, even at christmas time (remember last year? it was a fucking NIGHTMARE) i think i'm off to the shop to buy some pie & sweetpotato mash for dinner. we'll see what's left in the shop, yesterday there was no bread and no plain normal potatoes at all!