Friday, December 31, 2010


picture found off ye good olde tumblr, here though i doubt that is the original source....

i was going to do that 2010 was crap, hope 2011 is better and have a look at how my resolutions / goals for the year went entry today but i didn't get around to it because i made really nice curry for dinner from my new cook book and made a rather failed baking experiment (brownie recipe does NOT make cupcakes. this may be obvious to all but me) and it's kinda late already. me and carl are going to drink navy rum & coke, watch a film (howl's moving castle, i think) eat the failed 'cupcakes' and hope for the best. guess i'll do that entry tomorrow then. i've got high hopes for next year..

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Hannah. said...

Looking forward to reading your resolutions :)

I LOVE your new banner/header/whateveritscalled! x