Wednesday, December 08, 2010


THE ARK, my favourite band EVER have decided to split up. they are doing a farewell tour in the spring & summer but i expect it will be the usual scandinavian route, no angleterre. as usual i am skint as fuck and i don't expect the situation will change by march. i am making epic sadface. thank fuck i don't have to go to work tomorrow, not til saturday. i can spend all day wallowing and listening to nothing but the ark. i looked at the calendar & some old gig photos and realised today is actually exactly 10 YEARS & 10 DAYS since i first saw them and truly madly deeply fell head over heels with this band. it's like they read my brain and then write their fucking songs. well, maybe not every single one of their songs but so many. and so often things i didn't even realise i was thinking.

i haven't seen them since april 2007 because being grown up and out of college doesn't mesh well with following bands around. though they haven't been as active as before i guess. i've only really missed one album's worth of touring. but still. i was pretty upset last spring & summer when all my friends back home went to see them and i was here, privately hating england.

i've been thinking about making a zine about my stupid silly amazing rocknroll adventures for a while, i guess there is no time like now? but to make it now in time to give to the boys or after all is over and send a copy to them when it's finished, or both = make two zines?

me, ola-la and jasmine, march 2003.

i think 2010 is now officially the worst year ever, and i thought 2009 was crap. can 2011 please be a lot fucking better, pretty please?


Hannah. said...

Bah. It's so crappy when bands you love split up, & you know there isn't going to be any new tunes of theirs to dream about and hear for the first time.... Okay, so that's probably not very comforting, but, I can relate <3

I've never really listened to The Ark ... *runs and hides* ... but I did listen to the song It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane on spotify earlier & liked it. I want to hear more, but they have lots of albums, so please could you point me towards a good starting point?

Hope 2011 is all good for you, you deserve it! xxx

Jasmine said...

I look so weird in that photo.

CRY I can't believe they're abandoning us :( :( but they're my Favourite Band it's not allowed :(

argh! Can we start a petitin... Come to London??!!!