Thursday, September 30, 2010


my derby helmet is more awesome than yours.

i got a bunch of old zine stickers in the post today. i thought this one was very appropriate to stick on my helmet.

my derby helmet is more awesome than yours.

my derby helmet is more awesome than yours.

my derby helmet is more awesome than yours.

my very own skates!

i finally bought me my own skates yesterday. good olde work discount. now me, ellie & ruth are skate triplets. i also emailed demi and asked her to register my derby name and number. hurrah.

derby toes

my toes all plastered ready for derby last sunday morning. (skates rub my little toes, better safe than sorry.)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A BOOK BURNING. sort of.

new moon

new moon

new moon

new moon

new moon

today i did something i'd been sort of talking about for a while; destroyed my copy of new moon for being shit. emma was there to take photographic evidence. actually i sort of did it by accident, and though "fuck it, lets rip it proper!" i feel a little bad for doing it because it was a christmas present from carl's brother, one i had actually picked myself (the pickings were very slim for the 3 for 2 offer in waterstones. it was either that or russell brand's booky wook. i wish i'd gone for russell's book. what i really wanted was 'let the right one in' or a cook book but those were not in the deal. boo!) i could have taken it to a charity shop but i didn't want to inflict its shitness on any other poor soul. even if the proceeds were going to charity. but you know what. i'm gonna keep the destroyed book. to remind me to write better than that, or something. i should be able to manage that.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


i made some flyers for the compilation zine to hand out at birmingham zine fest last weekend. managed to get rid of most of them. and today we received our very first submission! i was so excited to find it in our inbox, and it's fucking excellent too! but we need more, more more more! i spoke to / pestered a lot of ace peeps to do something and if they come through and managed to do what they said they would in time, it will be the most excellent thing ever. srsly. but end of september is getting dangerously close, so get moving & doing if you want to submit someone. we need you!

i was thinking about stuff i could do at work today while listing a ton of new halloween outfits on, ranging from kids ghoul outfits to bloody surgeon and sexy witches. though of course all the ladies' costumes were more or less sexy this and sexy that as always. sigh. but there was the most precious little bat costume for toddlers that made me jealous. i wish i was three, i would wear it all the fucking time, like those little girls who always wear their snow white costume or whatever. they are also thee most precious thing ever. kids are awesome. except when they are screaming their heads of outside my office door and they stay there for half an hour cos their mum's are too busy shopping for baby toys. ugh.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


zinester knuckles, again, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

ach. just got back from birmingham zine fest. had such a lovely welcome back on the way home from the station to meet carl on the high street, cos he was only half way to the station when the train arrived. a bunch of 13 year olds for the lack of better word chavvy girls accosted me with nonsensical remarks about my appearance or whatever, wouldn't let me go past them and then grabbed the end of my fucking granny trolley! bitches. some bloke across the street told them to leave me alone and eventually they let go and carl was there. i was so thrown by the experience i sort of started silently weeping when we were far enough for them not see. i had just been thinking how i had such a nice weekend even though it hadn't gone exactly to plan (less dancing & socializing than intended though i did make a bunch of new friends!) and thinking "oh i kinda wanna move to birmingham, i could make things happen there cos there will be more than ten people into the same shit as me." to be honest i get that feeling every time i go on zine adventures. except maybe london. cos i know london is just too much. i'd be a really tiny fish in a massive pond. i prefer big fish in a medium pond or even just medium fish in any size pond.

i was just downloading friday's eastenders so me and carl can watch it. i was on the coach everytime it's been on this weekend. we had meat & chips for dinner and i had 32 new emails. no vampire sushi ones :S but i'm back full of silly ideas and hope!

oh and credit for the saucesome photo of my knuckle felt tip tats (by fixed by bettie) goes to jessica rough draft!

Monday, September 06, 2010


work it, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

first day back was ok. it was just me getting shit done in the office. answered almost a week's worth of stupid questions and had someone be a dick at me, yay. back to normal. boss not in for two weeks, yaye. fuck load of shit that needs to be put on, seriously, you can hardly move from boxes of crap. but i'll be fine, i'm sure. apparently i was missed, well, wished i was there so someone wouldn't have to do it all himself. ha! maybe he'll appreciate what i do a bit more. i don't just sit around and twiddle my thumbs, y'know. it did go fucking slow though. ugh. maybe tomorrow i'll actually get to attack the boxes of shit..

anyway. carl's playing harry potter lego. he's finished it actually, but you know how lego games are, you do all the levels and you've finished 45% or something. he's looking for some evil characters. blah. i was gonna make him watch män som hatar kvinnor with me but it's a bit late now. especially since there's still some crap i need to do, like make a new cover for your pretty face #10, since someone lost the flats. and it's a bit of a pain to try copy anything that's printed on red paper.. thought i'd change it completely as i found a picture that's actually super appropriate for it! yes, more appropriate than joey ramoney with a kitty cat. sort of.

in other news i'm randomly obsessed with this song right now. especially the finnish cover i remember from my childhood.

"poupée de cire, poupée de son" france gall

"vahanukke, laulava nukke" katri-helena ♥

here's some bonus katri helena for y'all, this shit is how i learned to sing.. i reckon i'd kick ass at singing katri-helena at some tradition finnish karaoke bar. i've learned to never ever do R-A-K-A-S, no matter how much i love that song. it just has too many words, you'll be crap unless you know every word by heart. it's too fast. vitun moottoriturpa.

"minne tuuli kuljettaa" katri-helena

Sunday, September 05, 2010


carl sleeping
carl's a sleepy diddums ♥

vampire sushi socks

restricted section
i've been embroidering on pants again. though i must confess, this is an old pair i did a few months ago. i'll get carl to help me take some pictures of the new ones some time soon!

we went to carl's house on friday and i took some pictures in the garden cos i was a little bit bored of watching boys play call of duty, again.


super soaker

purdy is a poser
purdy the dog is a massive poser and a hussy pants. she really is.

somehow i thought i would have posted more on here while i've been on holiday, what with having ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. but i guess i thought wrong. i also thought i'd do more cooking and baking (for the same reason) but i didn't really. at least i managed to do five out of the six things i mentioned last sunday. well, i guess four and a half since i hung out with sophie but not meg :S yeah, on tuesday i met up with sophie at the command house and we drank a bottle of wine and discussed true blood very very thoroughly.


ball in a dragon cup
sophie found some ball in a cup type thing on the floor. except instead of a cup it was a dragon's mouth. huh?

ball in a dragon cup

ball in a dragon cup


shannon also come to meet us just before we decided it was time to head homeward.

on the way home i got some nice takeaway curry for dinner from my favourite place just around the corner from the house because i had a hankering for peshwari naan. i got my heart set on it when we thought we might stay out until after tesco closing time, and i just had to have some.. nom i loves it.

Friday, September 03, 2010


your pretty face is going straight to hell 11

sort of a 24h zine, quarter size, 24 pages, £1.50
i wrote about roller derby & my first ann summers party and stuff.

available at VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO, of course.

your pretty face is going straight to hell 11

your pretty face is going straight to hell 11

your pretty face is going straight to hell 11