Sunday, September 05, 2010


carl sleeping
carl's a sleepy diddums ♥

vampire sushi socks

restricted section
i've been embroidering on pants again. though i must confess, this is an old pair i did a few months ago. i'll get carl to help me take some pictures of the new ones some time soon!

we went to carl's house on friday and i took some pictures in the garden cos i was a little bit bored of watching boys play call of duty, again.


super soaker

purdy is a poser
purdy the dog is a massive poser and a hussy pants. she really is.

somehow i thought i would have posted more on here while i've been on holiday, what with having ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. but i guess i thought wrong. i also thought i'd do more cooking and baking (for the same reason) but i didn't really. at least i managed to do five out of the six things i mentioned last sunday. well, i guess four and a half since i hung out with sophie but not meg :S yeah, on tuesday i met up with sophie at the command house and we drank a bottle of wine and discussed true blood very very thoroughly.


ball in a dragon cup
sophie found some ball in a cup type thing on the floor. except instead of a cup it was a dragon's mouth. huh?

ball in a dragon cup

ball in a dragon cup


shannon also come to meet us just before we decided it was time to head homeward.

on the way home i got some nice takeaway curry for dinner from my favourite place just around the corner from the house because i had a hankering for peshwari naan. i got my heart set on it when we thought we might stay out until after tesco closing time, and i just had to have some.. nom i loves it.

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