Thursday, September 16, 2010


i made some flyers for the compilation zine to hand out at birmingham zine fest last weekend. managed to get rid of most of them. and today we received our very first submission! i was so excited to find it in our inbox, and it's fucking excellent too! but we need more, more more more! i spoke to / pestered a lot of ace peeps to do something and if they come through and managed to do what they said they would in time, it will be the most excellent thing ever. srsly. but end of september is getting dangerously close, so get moving & doing if you want to submit someone. we need you!

i was thinking about stuff i could do at work today while listing a ton of new halloween outfits on, ranging from kids ghoul outfits to bloody surgeon and sexy witches. though of course all the ladies' costumes were more or less sexy this and sexy that as always. sigh. but there was the most precious little bat costume for toddlers that made me jealous. i wish i was three, i would wear it all the fucking time, like those little girls who always wear their snow white costume or whatever. they are also thee most precious thing ever. kids are awesome. except when they are screaming their heads of outside my office door and they stay there for half an hour cos their mum's are too busy shopping for baby toys. ugh.


Hello Amber! said...

Aww, I was a bat for Halloween when I was nine. Loved the costumer and shoulda kept the wings!

maren said...

oh i forgot to tell you in the letter that of course i will make something for this zine! not sure what yet but will send you something soon x

ps. i also was a bat when i was 8 or 9, my mum made the costume haha!