Sunday, September 19, 2010

A BOOK BURNING. sort of.

new moon

new moon

new moon

new moon

new moon

today i did something i'd been sort of talking about for a while; destroyed my copy of new moon for being shit. emma was there to take photographic evidence. actually i sort of did it by accident, and though "fuck it, lets rip it proper!" i feel a little bad for doing it because it was a christmas present from carl's brother, one i had actually picked myself (the pickings were very slim for the 3 for 2 offer in waterstones. it was either that or russell brand's booky wook. i wish i'd gone for russell's book. what i really wanted was 'let the right one in' or a cook book but those were not in the deal. boo!) i could have taken it to a charity shop but i didn't want to inflict its shitness on any other poor soul. even if the proceeds were going to charity. but you know what. i'm gonna keep the destroyed book. to remind me to write better than that, or something. i should be able to manage that.


Caitlin Constantine said...

HA. Love it.

BTW it's too bad you couldn't get Let the Right One In. I read that a few months ago and it scared the pee out of me, but in the best possible way!

P.S. Your zines are hitting the mail tomorrow!

martini said...

haha, lovely! well done... i had to laugh really hard, you did the right thing. did you even manage to read the whole thing? i never did once. i am glad to never have spend money on this series. i'd say it's time to read some rowling now.


Anonymous said...

Lovely Pics. Books are to eat not for to read.
Daniel de Culla