Monday, August 31, 2009

piles and piles of zines.

i did some big time tidying in our bedroom on saturday, which included organising my zines. well, half of them. the bigger half size ones are nicely organised in their box (not alphabetically or anything, just not in a big pile of mess) while quarter sized ones are just shoved in a box at random. i need a better way of storing the smaller zines. narrower boxes perhaps? the distro stock is a bit better stored. not exactly neatly, but still.

i was going to scan some zines for the distro but of course i can't find the installation disk for the damn thing. how annoying. i'm sure i saw it the other week, in one of our 101 piles of disks.

i have how ever finished the tiny mini zine to go with YOUR PRETTY FACE.. #8. i'm going to get it printed tomorrow and then i can finally put the damn thing on etsy. and send ones out for distros and trades.

i made a rhubarb & strawberry curd tart last night and realised i had made a lot of mistakes in the recipe i included in YOUR PRETTY FACE #7. i forgot to include oven temperature (180 C) and how long to bake (45min - 1hour) and had put a completely wrong amount of sugar (it should be 3-4 tbsp) this is one of the reasons i really should proof read things before i print them. idiot. funnily enough, its not the only mistake in #7 i've discovered so far. i also forgot the you from my website. *shakes head in dismay*

first ten days of project 356.


DAY TWO (i didn't actually take a picture on yesterday (my camera had run out of battery, and i couldnt find the charger) so here's a picture of something i made yesterday. )










Thursday, August 27, 2009


PMMP - finnish pop/rock band. i decided the other day that they're like a finnish version of girls aloud. tv talent contest rejects, started disposable and forgettable in our eyes (though "no good advice" is my favourite girls aloud song..) and grew up to be fucking awesome. i'm pretty sure my two favourite songs are about domestic violence ending in manslaughter/murder ("joku raja") and rape ("kovemmat kädet", but i'm not sure about that one, it's just a feeling i get from the lyrics.) sometimes i really miss the finnish language and last night sitting on the bed, listening to "joku raja" on repeat i rambled about it into a letter. maybe i'll copy that rant and put it in a zine one day. actually. i think i'm going to make a zine in finnish.. i don't know who's going to ever read it, but i need to re-acquaint myself with my mother tongue.


♥ and speaking of.. zines zines zines. i just ordered the latest TRUCKFACE from stranger danger along with other things. though with my luck, lb's sent me a copy already, that's what happened with the last issue. so i gave the extra one to my friend kasper. i've got a fairly decent box full of distro stock. i just need to write descriptions, decide how we're going to do the postage and do all the shopping cart etc. i think tomorrow i'm taking a couple of zines to work with me and try to write descriptions during my breaks. its getting ridiculous.

♥ the fact this weekend is a bank holiday weekend and i have an extra day off. also, my boss is off tomorrow so i get to not be excessively annoyed at him. lately he's been like a small child high on gallons of ribena. very annoying to be stuck in an office with. i regularly threaten to beat him with a small baseball bat that i can easily reach from my chair. also, five more working days and I AM ON HOLIDAY for a whole week. 9 glorious work free days. i'm going to zine, work on the distro, sleep & cuddle and most probably go to brighton for a few days to visit emma & attend the september zine social. that's my summer holiday.

♥ i've got lemon cheesecake in the fridge. i'm not sure it's still alright though.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hair today, more tomorrow.

i started re-rooting winifred's hair today. the hair's still a bit frizzy and awful, its a big mess underneath the scalp (it definitely doesn't look like this) but i think i'm doing alright. i figure i'll practise with this hair and then if it's really really way too frizzy when i'm finished, i'll just cut it off and do it again properly, with saran or whatever, with a bit more experience under my belt. i'd still say i'm doing pretty good for an hour or so's work so far.

i'm failing at other things though. like finishing the minizine to go with YOUR PRETTY FACE.. #8 it doesn't help i've lost the first page (and the smaller copies of everything i made last week) i have no idea what's happened to that shit. i've been very badly organised lately.

ooh, it seems to be charlie brooker night today. first he's hosting you have been watching, as usual, and then he's a guest on 8 out of 10 cats? hell yeah, i say. i have special feelings for charlie brooker and his angry little face. i must be off, i always miss watching the beginning properly because i'm faffing on the fucking internet.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

doll talk / girl talk

i started making little kitty hats for dollies the other day. i’ve already made two. a white one and a pink one. i think i’ll make some to put on etsy too.

i bought a blue wig from work so i can start re-rooting winifred some hair of her own. i love the white wig but it’s pretty much too nice. i’m scared to do anything with her in that wig, i might spoil it. actually it’s gone all frizzy but i’m scared to brush it. so it’s going in the box & come out for special occasions. unless i fuck up the new hair. which is quite possible, the blue wig's a bit frizzy and brushing seems to make it worse, but i figure it's better i spend £2.50 (i got it for half price instead of 25% off which we're supposed to. yaye) and learn by trial and error rather than fuck up with proper, more expensive saran or mohair. i tried to start earlier but it turns out i do need pliers after all to help me get the tapestry needle through with the hair in it, and well.. i'm too lazy to try to find one of the two pairs we should have somewhere in here. maybe later.

i'm having a very tiring day. fighting with computers and then boys too much. i did some retail therapy, i bought that hair and a care bears sticker book from work and then went to primark to try on some checked shirts/dresses. they have this one lovely navy/red/white one that's sort of a dress but not quite long enough. and it matches my hair, with the red bits you can never see in photographs. unfortunately they only had size 14 (a bit too big) and size 8 (too small) but the lady i asked about them said they had definitely ordered some more, but didn't know when they'd be in. so fingers crossed i'll pop in at the right time. i bought two pairs of frilly cotton pants (£1 each) and sparkly midnight blue trainers (£2) i haven't actually tried on the trainers yet, but i'm sure they fit. i've had enough trainers from primark to know. i also ate almost a whole tub of ben & jerry's cookie dough ice cream. carl's bowl had about 4 big spoonfuls. typical girl trying to make herself feel better business i guess. i really don't want to go back to work tomorrow but what can i do. at least next weekend is one day longer (bank holiday)

i started a 365 (picture a day) project with some lovely people on lj the other day, and i’m posting my photos also on my other tumblr. i missed out on yesterday's photo though, my camera had run out of battery when i picked it up to take one and i couldn't see my charger anywhere.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


i tabled at alternative press fair in london town on the first sunday of august (the day our computer died the first time...) with my own zines and VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO. carl was going to come with me, but stuff happened so i ended up going on my own. here's some pictures & words.

i had my breakfast on the train, i was too nervous and busy getting all my stuff together to eat at home. summer berry yoghurt & muller rice.

i was caught headbanging to girls aloud by the conductor. no shame whatsoever. i ♥ girls aloud.

the zine fair was at a lovely social club underneath a catholic church. i was the second or third person there at 10 past ten, before any of the organisers showed up.

i really loved the venue, it was covered in gold, silver and red foil/lamee decorations and i kept thinking during the day that it all looked like the zine fest had been organised by the brian potter (see phoenix nights) my highlight of the day was when the stereo played daddy cool & rasputin by boney m after hours of indie pop etc that didn't stick to my mind at all. it was just PERFECT.

i thought the boiler in the girls' room was a nice touch. i wonder if there was one in the boys' room..

i shared a table with a lovely bloke i actually bought some comics from for the distro. there was another lady with a comic on my otherside at the beginning of the day but someone from another table buggered off early and she moved to his seat because our table was literally the corner. not the greatest spot in the room...

here's some tables:

brighton zine fest collective.

chella of adventures in menstruation being ever so charming!

back in the WWW.

Betty Bones, originally uploaded by boopsie.daisy.

i & this blog have been absent for a while due to computer trouble. viruses. rebuilding. blah blah blah. it’s nice to be back. there are so many things i wanted to say in the past month or so. i’d see things and think, ooh i should blog about this when i get home and then i’d remember i can’t.

it’s been nice not being attached to the computer all the time though. not that i’ve got that much done anyway. i’ve been working full time, coming home crashing and burning, sitting on the sofa doing fuck all and feeling restless and antsy because i’m doing fuck all.

as i type i should actually go and do the dishes and put some clothes on and do adult things (pay council tax, the rent etc etc) but i really dont want to. i just want to sit indoors and fiddle with websites that have been unfiddled with for too long. the distro, every single inch of it. this blog, it needs a fresh new layout to go with the fresh new start. the domain itself needs a bit of a facelift. so much! got zines to work on. kitty hats to knit for dollies.

perhaps i can skip the rent and council tax, i can do them later. rent can be done during a break at work, and i’m sure i’ll manage the council tax in a similar maneuver before friday when it’s due. i just can’t be arsed, not on a saturday. i wish the post office was open on a sunday, i can be bothered on a sunday. i’m going shopping in primark tomorrow. going there a ‘nice’ saturday afternoon would just be pure hell. i also need to figure out something nice for dinner. my brain is drawing a complete blank, as usual. we have noodles and stirfry mix in the fridge but.. we already had some yesterday and to be honest the mix is horrendous. sigh. wasting food. i don’t like wasting food.