Saturday, August 22, 2009


i tabled at alternative press fair in london town on the first sunday of august (the day our computer died the first time...) with my own zines and VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO. carl was going to come with me, but stuff happened so i ended up going on my own. here's some pictures & words.

i had my breakfast on the train, i was too nervous and busy getting all my stuff together to eat at home. summer berry yoghurt & muller rice.

i was caught headbanging to girls aloud by the conductor. no shame whatsoever. i ♥ girls aloud.

the zine fair was at a lovely social club underneath a catholic church. i was the second or third person there at 10 past ten, before any of the organisers showed up.

i really loved the venue, it was covered in gold, silver and red foil/lamee decorations and i kept thinking during the day that it all looked like the zine fest had been organised by the brian potter (see phoenix nights) my highlight of the day was when the stereo played daddy cool & rasputin by boney m after hours of indie pop etc that didn't stick to my mind at all. it was just PERFECT.

i thought the boiler in the girls' room was a nice touch. i wonder if there was one in the boys' room..

i shared a table with a lovely bloke i actually bought some comics from for the distro. there was another lady with a comic on my otherside at the beginning of the day but someone from another table buggered off early and she moved to his seat because our table was literally the corner. not the greatest spot in the room...

here's some tables:

brighton zine fest collective.

chella of adventures in menstruation being ever so charming!

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