Saturday, August 22, 2009

back in the WWW.

Betty Bones, originally uploaded by boopsie.daisy.

i & this blog have been absent for a while due to computer trouble. viruses. rebuilding. blah blah blah. it’s nice to be back. there are so many things i wanted to say in the past month or so. i’d see things and think, ooh i should blog about this when i get home and then i’d remember i can’t.

it’s been nice not being attached to the computer all the time though. not that i’ve got that much done anyway. i’ve been working full time, coming home crashing and burning, sitting on the sofa doing fuck all and feeling restless and antsy because i’m doing fuck all.

as i type i should actually go and do the dishes and put some clothes on and do adult things (pay council tax, the rent etc etc) but i really dont want to. i just want to sit indoors and fiddle with websites that have been unfiddled with for too long. the distro, every single inch of it. this blog, it needs a fresh new layout to go with the fresh new start. the domain itself needs a bit of a facelift. so much! got zines to work on. kitty hats to knit for dollies.

perhaps i can skip the rent and council tax, i can do them later. rent can be done during a break at work, and i’m sure i’ll manage the council tax in a similar maneuver before friday when it’s due. i just can’t be arsed, not on a saturday. i wish the post office was open on a sunday, i can be bothered on a sunday. i’m going shopping in primark tomorrow. going there a ‘nice’ saturday afternoon would just be pure hell. i also need to figure out something nice for dinner. my brain is drawing a complete blank, as usual. we have noodles and stirfry mix in the fridge but.. we already had some yesterday and to be honest the mix is horrendous. sigh. wasting food. i don’t like wasting food.

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