Sunday, August 23, 2009

doll talk / girl talk

i started making little kitty hats for dollies the other day. i’ve already made two. a white one and a pink one. i think i’ll make some to put on etsy too.

i bought a blue wig from work so i can start re-rooting winifred some hair of her own. i love the white wig but it’s pretty much too nice. i’m scared to do anything with her in that wig, i might spoil it. actually it’s gone all frizzy but i’m scared to brush it. so it’s going in the box & come out for special occasions. unless i fuck up the new hair. which is quite possible, the blue wig's a bit frizzy and brushing seems to make it worse, but i figure it's better i spend £2.50 (i got it for half price instead of 25% off which we're supposed to. yaye) and learn by trial and error rather than fuck up with proper, more expensive saran or mohair. i tried to start earlier but it turns out i do need pliers after all to help me get the tapestry needle through with the hair in it, and well.. i'm too lazy to try to find one of the two pairs we should have somewhere in here. maybe later.

i'm having a very tiring day. fighting with computers and then boys too much. i did some retail therapy, i bought that hair and a care bears sticker book from work and then went to primark to try on some checked shirts/dresses. they have this one lovely navy/red/white one that's sort of a dress but not quite long enough. and it matches my hair, with the red bits you can never see in photographs. unfortunately they only had size 14 (a bit too big) and size 8 (too small) but the lady i asked about them said they had definitely ordered some more, but didn't know when they'd be in. so fingers crossed i'll pop in at the right time. i bought two pairs of frilly cotton pants (£1 each) and sparkly midnight blue trainers (£2) i haven't actually tried on the trainers yet, but i'm sure they fit. i've had enough trainers from primark to know. i also ate almost a whole tub of ben & jerry's cookie dough ice cream. carl's bowl had about 4 big spoonfuls. typical girl trying to make herself feel better business i guess. i really don't want to go back to work tomorrow but what can i do. at least next weekend is one day longer (bank holiday)

i started a 365 (picture a day) project with some lovely people on lj the other day, and i’m posting my photos also on my other tumblr. i missed out on yesterday's photo though, my camera had run out of battery when i picked it up to take one and i couldn't see my charger anywhere.

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