Thursday, August 27, 2009


PMMP - finnish pop/rock band. i decided the other day that they're like a finnish version of girls aloud. tv talent contest rejects, started disposable and forgettable in our eyes (though "no good advice" is my favourite girls aloud song..) and grew up to be fucking awesome. i'm pretty sure my two favourite songs are about domestic violence ending in manslaughter/murder ("joku raja") and rape ("kovemmat kädet", but i'm not sure about that one, it's just a feeling i get from the lyrics.) sometimes i really miss the finnish language and last night sitting on the bed, listening to "joku raja" on repeat i rambled about it into a letter. maybe i'll copy that rant and put it in a zine one day. actually. i think i'm going to make a zine in finnish.. i don't know who's going to ever read it, but i need to re-acquaint myself with my mother tongue.


♥ and speaking of.. zines zines zines. i just ordered the latest TRUCKFACE from stranger danger along with other things. though with my luck, lb's sent me a copy already, that's what happened with the last issue. so i gave the extra one to my friend kasper. i've got a fairly decent box full of distro stock. i just need to write descriptions, decide how we're going to do the postage and do all the shopping cart etc. i think tomorrow i'm taking a couple of zines to work with me and try to write descriptions during my breaks. its getting ridiculous.

♥ the fact this weekend is a bank holiday weekend and i have an extra day off. also, my boss is off tomorrow so i get to not be excessively annoyed at him. lately he's been like a small child high on gallons of ribena. very annoying to be stuck in an office with. i regularly threaten to beat him with a small baseball bat that i can easily reach from my chair. also, five more working days and I AM ON HOLIDAY for a whole week. 9 glorious work free days. i'm going to zine, work on the distro, sleep & cuddle and most probably go to brighton for a few days to visit emma & attend the september zine social. that's my summer holiday.

♥ i've got lemon cheesecake in the fridge. i'm not sure it's still alright though.

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frl.zucker said...

i don't understand a word, but i love it! that language sounds beautiful. <3