Monday, August 31, 2009

piles and piles of zines.

i did some big time tidying in our bedroom on saturday, which included organising my zines. well, half of them. the bigger half size ones are nicely organised in their box (not alphabetically or anything, just not in a big pile of mess) while quarter sized ones are just shoved in a box at random. i need a better way of storing the smaller zines. narrower boxes perhaps? the distro stock is a bit better stored. not exactly neatly, but still.

i was going to scan some zines for the distro but of course i can't find the installation disk for the damn thing. how annoying. i'm sure i saw it the other week, in one of our 101 piles of disks.

i have how ever finished the tiny mini zine to go with YOUR PRETTY FACE.. #8. i'm going to get it printed tomorrow and then i can finally put the damn thing on etsy. and send ones out for distros and trades.

i made a rhubarb & strawberry curd tart last night and realised i had made a lot of mistakes in the recipe i included in YOUR PRETTY FACE #7. i forgot to include oven temperature (180 C) and how long to bake (45min - 1hour) and had put a completely wrong amount of sugar (it should be 3-4 tbsp) this is one of the reasons i really should proof read things before i print them. idiot. funnily enough, its not the only mistake in #7 i've discovered so far. i also forgot the you from my website. *shakes head in dismay*

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Melissa Dominic said...

ah, seeing zines just makes me happy :D