Friday, May 28, 2010


i'm gonna be at LONDON ZINE SYMPOSIUM tomorrow with vampire sushi. i'll be on my own so come and say hello. there's a lot more to say but i haven't got the time, this week has been pretty fucking hectic and AWFUL but i'll tell the internets/world about it another time, cos i'm busy getting everything together for tomorrow and grabbing clothes for me and carl, as i've got to go to his house in a bit for moral support..

ps. your pretty face #10 is finished.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


midnight snack, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

staying up too late watching she-devil.

Monday, May 24, 2010


ROSEANNE "the fifties show" part one

ROSEANNE "the fifties show" part two

ROSEANNE "the fifties show" part three

in other news; working / procrastinating on the last unfinished bit of your pretty face #10. how awesome is roseanne though?

jackie: "a bunch of us are having meetings, once a week. we call them 'tupperware parties'. there's only a few of us now, but we're growing. we're planning a revolution."
roseanne: " under the guise of keeping your leftovers fresh? that's brilliant!"

i really wish i hadn't lost my she-devil poster while moving at some point. not that i condone the girl hate in it. but never the less. i should watch it again, it's been way too long.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


making zines, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

i went to the printers yesterday and spent three hours & £69 there. afterwards i went to see this art thing by the library that some people i sort of sort of know had organized. i slow danced with a lady in a shipping container to 'warrick avenue' by duffy, which was cool and awkward at the same time, and sat around on the grass until half five. my bag of zines was really fucking heavy, seriously. i went to sainsburys with it and bought more food than i needed to, and struggled to get home in time for doctor who cos i kept having to stop and put the goddamn bag down.

today i've put together a pile of zines = 20 x #3 and 40 x #6. and i'm half way through 40 copies of #4. i needed a fucking break. i didn't actually print #10 yet cos i haven't quite finished a certain article i guess and i'm waiting for my special commissioned cover. (my fault for not asking til bloody last minute, like i always do..)

i have also been listening to a fuckload of beyonce this weekend. especially this one. why the hell was that not a single in the uk? that grrl's hella fierce.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


"Alright, mark it on your calendar’s, people!
May 20th is OFFICIALLY Jason Lee day!

We should celebrate by doing one/all of the following things: dance in an elevator, play a video game, skateboard, watch some of Jason’s films, be awesome, make a list of bad things we’ve done, & then right the wrong’s, say “karma” 10 times, chew a toothpick, adopt some chipmunk’s, send Kevin Smith a tweet, trace someone’s artwork, listen to Sonic Youth’s 100%, & make fun of Ben Affleck!

Long live Brodie! Long live Earl! Long live Banky!"

from samantha's tumblr.

++ SONG OF THE DAY: "JASON LEE" all girl summer fun band


new dress, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

the other day, i randomly walked into new look the other day, had quick look in the sale rack and found this dress. it didn't have a price tag at all, so i went to the till and asked how much it was after trying it on. the girl had no way of checking so she went to the sale rack to see if there was anything similar there. she found one dress that was somewhat similar that was £15 so she said i could have it for the same price. i wasn't sure if it was worth it but i bought it anyway, despite being a bit skint.

what do you think, is it a keeper? i thought if i keep it, i'm gonna spruce it up a bit. add some lace on the arm ruffles and wear it with a massive brooch cos the top half is a bit plain. and yeah, i added the big red bow belt, it doesn't come with that. i love the bottom half, but is it worth £15 / $22?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i’ve been left home alone, carl’s gone to help his brother move out of his shared house to back home (housemate situation gone horribly wrong & not being able to afford to stay. which is a shame, the place is bloody lovely.) they seem to be doing ok considering the rather fucking bad news.. i don’t think it’s sunk in. probably best not to think about it until.. it happens. fuck. life is really giving these kids lemons, i swear i’m gonna make some lemonade for the weekend.

#10 in progress, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

i should be a good girl and work on my zine. it’s so ridiculously close to finished, it's making me rather anxious. i was gonna print some of the old issues last saturday but then shit happened and well, i didn't get home til 11pm saturday night. lemons, the lemons! so i'm going to have embark on some fucking epic printing this saturday, as the printers closes half an hour after i finish work on weekdays, that's just not gonna cut it. getting scared something will go wrong and i've left it too last minute yet again.. i've asked someone special to draw me a special cover, and i'm excited about it. also already semi planning next issue.

anyway, zining. do you think twin peaks in the background would be too distracting?

Sunday, May 16, 2010


busy trying to finish your pretty face is going straight to hell #10. have to print it next saturday, along with reprinting all the old issues, to get it all ready in time for london zine symposium. have nothing else to say. this weekend has been a bit strange. spent a lot of time with carl's family. going to see his dad in a bit i expect. i just made lovely jerk burgers for me, carl & craig, though i might aswell feed him too. oh and i made lemonade. REAL LEMONADE. it is awesome, i'm gonna make some more tomorrow i think. with less zest though. life has sort of handed us a big bag of metaphorical lemons, i might as well make some real lemonade.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i finally got my copy of IN FULL REGALIA in the post a week ago.

i've been listening to it a fair bit. and this one is my favourite:

i see you’re not wearing your red cap anymore
well i heard someone say you thought it was getting too small

well, i wish i knew how to alter it
but i don’t know how to sew
so if you’d like to wear it
then i guess it’s all up to you

standing with your red cap on the barricades
i didn’t like you all that much before
but now since you’ve stopped wearing it
i dislike you even more

i’ve heard you’ve not played the guitar for fifteen years, soon
well it’s hard, hard to play the guitar
when it’s way outta tune

well, i wish i knew how to tune it
but i haven’t got the ear
so if someone’s going to do it
then it’s you again, i fear

standing playing guitar on the barricades
i didn’t like you all that much before
but now since you’ve stopped playing it
i dislike you even more

i’ve heard that you’re not singing songs anymore
but actually i don’t believe you when you say
it’s ‘cause your throat is sore

you better open up your ear
‘cause there’s a new song coming in
and if you pick, pick up the tune
maybe even i will join in

standing singing songs upon the barricades
i didn’t like you all that much before
but now since you’ve let your dear songs die out
i dislike you even more

standing with your red cap on the barricades
i didn’t like you all that much before
but now since you’ve stopped wearing it
i dislike you even more…

i see you’re not wearing your red cap anymore…

“THE RED CAP” the ark

i remember ola telling me and jasmine about this song almost seven years ago (or was it one of the later trips.. i’m not sure, but it was at least five years ago) it came up because we walked past an advert for finnish cider called golden cap, and he told us all about this song he’d written ages ago called red cap. (at least i think it was ages ago, i don’t think it was a song he was working on or anything. but it was a long time ago, the details are hazy) i can’t remember exactly what he said it was about, ex-radicals, socialists who grew up or something, people who get cynical and stop caring.. and he sang the chorus for us right there in the deserted streets of helsinki, surrounded by empty office building and business hotels. i hadn’t thought about that song at all in years, i’d forgotten how it went, but i’m 99.99% sure this is that song, and the chorus sort of rings a bell..that is a fucking long time to hold on to a song. seven fucking years.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


i was planning to do this vinyl sunday thing EVERY SUNDAY, but i've sort of been slacking on it. just been lazy..

vinyl sunday: virve 'vicky' rosti - self titled

vinyl sunday: virve 'vicky' rosti - self titled

vinyl sunday: virve 'vicky' rosti - self titled

one of my favourite albums ever. i've been listening to it since i was ickle, it used to be my dad's. it is the self titled debut album of finnish rocknroll lady virve 'vicky' rosti. unfortunately only two songs from it are on any of her best of's and they're pretty much the least awesome ones. i need to get a friend who has one of those turn yr vinyl into mp3s to thingie it for me, so i can play the fuck out of it at the next girl germs. here's the only song i can find on youtube.

KUN CHICAGO KUOLI - virve 'vicky' rosti.

vinyl sunday: toni basil - mickey

"mickey" by toni basil. fuck yes.

vinyl sunday catch up: bis seven inches

my two bis split 7" i got at the reunion gig. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

we'll see if i manage to keep up next sunday. i predict a slight hangover cos i'm dragging carl or at least myself to moogie wonderland on saturday. thought we could try to make some new friends or something. after all it's much closer now and it's free entry, what more can i ask for?


remington quiet-riter

last sunday carl spotted a typewriter in the oxfam he works in, and i kinda made him get it for me. he was too knackered to carry it home on wednesday (the next time he was working) but he put it aside, and today he carried it home. the carry handle actually broke half way here and it rolled down the street by sainsburys. it's fine though, and it's quite possibly the best typewriter i've ever had. it's my fourth or fifth one, not including carl's typewriter. the old ones were left back home when i moved here, and i think my mum's got rid of all of them but one, a pretty little baby blue portable one i got at a fleamarket. she's chucked my favourite one though, the electric one i got from my school for free because they didn't use them anymore. i just had to buy a new cartridge for it. i miss it cos it had a different typeface. nice to have a variety. i really want one of those cursive ones though.. i'm sure ciara has one and every time i read her zines i get typewriter envy.

remington quiet-riter

remington quiet-riter

typewriting instructions.

it came with an instruction book, and someone's old practise sheets. ace.

typewriting instructions.

typewriting instructions.

typewriting instructions.

i'm almost finished with your pretty face #10, i'm not sure if she's gonna make its debut until #11. i've got pretty much all the pages planned, i actually did a couple again today, probably gonna continue a bit later.

what should i call her?

Saturday, May 08, 2010


polaroid 420, originally uploaded by helloamber.

my parent's are buying me a new camera for my birthday. a little pocket one i can fit in my nan handbag, so i can be snappy and take more pictures off fun and stuff like that when digging out a massive dslr from the bottom of my bag is just.. bloody awkward. apparently they're either buying me an olympus T-100 or sony cybershot DSC-S2000. i'm somewhat leaning towards the olympus , because has a rechargeable battery, and the cybershot takes AA's. and it seems like you can sort of fiddle around with exposure yourself. has anyone got either of these, any opinions, recommendation, experience, blah blah blah. please?

Sunday, May 02, 2010



it's raining today, but who cares. i thought i'd post some summer jamz. partly because of k's allo, darlin' 7-inch giveaway and partly cos i just want to. & somehow i ended up making a little mix. i guess it's a bit of a summer road trip to the beach mix. a few of classic finnish summer tunes. two by the same man. fuck i love those two songs.

"EN VÄN MED EN BIL" håkan hellström
"WHEN I'M WITH YOU" best coast
"TRAM #7 TO HEAVEN" jens lekman
"I WANNA BE SEDATED" allo, darlin'
"PARATIISI" rauli badding somerjoki

or just download it..

i think i'm gonna go and zine now. about fucking time. though to be honest, on a normal sunday i'd only just be getting on the computer cos carl would have just gone to oxfam but today he had to go open it at ten cos it's the sweeps. doubt it's very busy though, it's raining and he said something about a severe weather warning. ha. anyway, means i should get more done and feel better by the end of the day. tomorrow's bank holiday monday, and i have to go to work. boo. well, it was either this bank holiday or the next one. i rather have the next one. a bit of extra time to recover from london zine symposium.

Saturday, May 01, 2010


pesto tomato sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes, two kinds of olives, mozzarella, goat's cheese, * fresh basil incase you were wondering.. i should make the effort more often. it was tres nom. still got dough in the fridge for another one tomorrow.


i wish i was a snake, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

this week carl brought me home this mens zara t-shirt from oxfam. i really love the print (kitties!) but it's one of those weird frankenstein's monster things that pretend to be something they're not. in this case t-shirt + flimsy cardigan. it doesn't look bad, but it's making me feel hella weird cos i can't wear a cardigan with it! that'd be like wearing two cardigans, even if the other one is only a pretend one. boo. i am nothing without my cardigan! oh well, maybe it's one to wear when it's too hot to wear an actual cardigan? to keep up appearances.

i do hate it when they (especially high street shops, not that i'd know about any other kind of shop..) make shit like this. cardigan t-shirts, and those jumpers that look like you're wearing a shirt underneath. what the fuck is the point? i guess they're trying to save you the bother of wearing / buying both. 2 in 1, like shampoo with conditioner mixed in.

oh by the way, in case you were wondering about what's behind me, it's this:

the wall, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.