Saturday, May 08, 2010


polaroid 420, originally uploaded by helloamber.

my parent's are buying me a new camera for my birthday. a little pocket one i can fit in my nan handbag, so i can be snappy and take more pictures off fun and stuff like that when digging out a massive dslr from the bottom of my bag is just.. bloody awkward. apparently they're either buying me an olympus T-100 or sony cybershot DSC-S2000. i'm somewhat leaning towards the olympus , because has a rechargeable battery, and the cybershot takes AA's. and it seems like you can sort of fiddle around with exposure yourself. has anyone got either of these, any opinions, recommendation, experience, blah blah blah. please?

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One Little Bird said...

hey missy,
you can also get rechargable AA batteries.
I've got a Lumix LX3 that I really like. Reason for me to get it was the large apperture, 1.8, and wide angle. so I can use it in low light with no flash (as I'm not keen on flash). Also it got a real good Leica lens. (and complete control with manual settings, or auto or 'scene' settings)
So, you might want to have a look at the Panasonic Lumix ones too. Don't know anything bout those ones you mentioned.