Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i’ve been left home alone, carl’s gone to help his brother move out of his shared house to back home (housemate situation gone horribly wrong & not being able to afford to stay. which is a shame, the place is bloody lovely.) they seem to be doing ok considering the rather fucking bad news.. i don’t think it’s sunk in. probably best not to think about it until.. it happens. fuck. life is really giving these kids lemons, i swear i’m gonna make some lemonade for the weekend.

#10 in progress, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

i should be a good girl and work on my zine. it’s so ridiculously close to finished, it's making me rather anxious. i was gonna print some of the old issues last saturday but then shit happened and well, i didn't get home til 11pm saturday night. lemons, the lemons! so i'm going to have embark on some fucking epic printing this saturday, as the printers closes half an hour after i finish work on weekdays, that's just not gonna cut it. getting scared something will go wrong and i've left it too last minute yet again.. i've asked someone special to draw me a special cover, and i'm excited about it. also already semi planning next issue.

anyway, zining. do you think twin peaks in the background would be too distracting?


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Sorry to hear about the lemons ...

I can't wait to read your next zine! x