Sunday, May 23, 2010


making zines, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

i went to the printers yesterday and spent three hours & £69 there. afterwards i went to see this art thing by the library that some people i sort of sort of know had organized. i slow danced with a lady in a shipping container to 'warrick avenue' by duffy, which was cool and awkward at the same time, and sat around on the grass until half five. my bag of zines was really fucking heavy, seriously. i went to sainsburys with it and bought more food than i needed to, and struggled to get home in time for doctor who cos i kept having to stop and put the goddamn bag down.

today i've put together a pile of zines = 20 x #3 and 40 x #6. and i'm half way through 40 copies of #4. i needed a fucking break. i didn't actually print #10 yet cos i haven't quite finished a certain article i guess and i'm waiting for my special commissioned cover. (my fault for not asking til bloody last minute, like i always do..)

i have also been listening to a fuckload of beyonce this weekend. especially this one. why the hell was that not a single in the uk? that grrl's hella fierce.


Deer Prudence said...

Good luck with the zines!
As i known your blog pretty recently i'm really looking forward those old issues being on sale.

Enjoy your week too.

Dylana Suarez said...

Just came across your blog. it is lovely!

And be sure to visit my blog tomorrow to enter a super cool Kelsi Dagger shoe giveaway!

Not Quite A Yes said...

Yay back issues! I'll be able to complete my collection of your zines now I think (except issue 1). x

Not Quite A Yes said...
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Bri Z. said...

can't wait for new zines!
also, YES beyonce! i hope the link was to "video phone" (it didn't work, said sony had pulled the vid from youtube cuz of copyrights, but i'm guessing that's the one since the image you posted is from it)- i am obsessed with both that song & its' video.

miss tukru said...

it was actually 'diva'. though i do loove 'video phone' too. i only just discovered the amazingness of diva, while ive been drooling at video phone for a fair few months xx