Wednesday, March 31, 2010


5 am, originally uploaded by Laurence 2.

i forgot to set my alarm last night. 'luckily' i woke up and rolled over & looked at the time at 8.59am, when i usually get up if i manage. of course i couldn't get up rightaway, it's just not possible, but i was at work on time and all. i've already set my alarm for the morning. i did it when i got home. tomorrow i finish at 3pm. yaye. i've got pizza in the oven for my lunch. i've watched three hours of twin peaks again. maybe i should eventually have a day off. still somewhat freaked out by the end of the last one i watched. not surprised, just creeped out. screaming girls aren't exactly the best mental image to have just before bed.

i was trying to think of my playlist for girl germs on the 10th afterwards but i'm suddenly drawing blank again. boo. i've been writing a letter during lunch. tomorrow's lunch is only fifteen minutes though so it will be straight up eat & smoke & go affair. i think i'll take the grape soda the boys brought me the other day with me. i've got pizza in the oven that will be my lunch.

i've got plans to make an epic fascinator to this tutorial. but i'm still looking for toys to make it epic/special. i'm somewhat tempted to put luna and her thestral on top of my head but i think that might be a bit.. big. and overly epic. if there is such a thing.

but now it is time for bed.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Tweed's Twin Peaks Cafe, originally uploaded by Here On the Road.

12 pages of issue ten done done. slowly writing more while watching twin peaks for the first time. i think i have developed a bit of a problem. (like people have heroin problems) in the past two days i have watched five and a bit hours of twin peaks. i'm just about to start on episode seven.. i stayed up til half twelve last night watching it. luckily i ran out, i would have stayed up later, i'm sure. and i couldn't actually go to sleep. i just laid there for ages, and then suddenly fell asleep with the ipod playing music instead of harry potter and when i woke up in the middle of the night it was still playing art brut. or was it when i was rudely awaken by my alarm at 7.45? not sure. i am hardly actually woken up by my alarm, i usually wake up randomly around six and just lie there and listen to harry potter (sometimes fall asleep again briefly) until i just have to drag myself out of bed.

i was quite cheerful at work today. perhaps it was the knowledge i won't be spending that much time there this week. extra long weekend, what with easter. what good will i be there on friday since there will be no post collected? nada. and i think they're actually closed monday. they're never closed. and on wednesday i'm finishing early, at three, because i have some holiday hours still left that need to be spent by the end of the month or i'll lose them and by god i will fucking spend my holiday. when i explain or mention this to other people, they say things like 'oh i have X hours left too, i'll lose them', i don't know what they're expecting me to do. go "oh. i shan't use up my holiday since you have so much left"? what is the whole my life suxx more than your life competition all about? i am not allowed to say anything negative about my life because someone else has it worse? there is always someone who has it worse, and we do not need to make it into a competition. i am also tired of being talked to like me having time off is a favour they're doing to me. oh please, i have earned it. i am entitled to it by law. i'm doing a favour to you by coming in and putting up with your bullshit and doing a good job. fuck you.

anyway. one more twin peaks and then i'm off to bed. i've hardly done anything else today. been to work. made dinner & eaten it. watched enders with carl and then watch twin peaks. and written maybe a hundred words. it's a slow process. i wish i could finish season one. but i should really go to bed after the next one. well see how that goes. at least i'm already in my jammies. ready to go straight to bed, whatever happens.


"COLD COLD HEARTS" by cold cold hearts; one of my favourite 'riot grrrl' albums, actually, it's probably my actual favourite favourite. that and "personal best" by team dresch. i think i asked my favourite record shop back home to order one for me, along side "desperate, scared yet social" by emily's sassy lime and the huggy bear/bikini kill split.

"LADY REVERSIBLE" cold cold hearts
"CUTE BOY DISCOUNT" cold cold hearts

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


zining box of d00m

this is my zining box of d00m. it's full of zine making related pieces of paper and other scraps. mainly photocopies of pretty things. it's so full & heavy its torn at both ends and i sort of can't lift it back up on top of the wardrobe. well, i can, but i can't be bothered cos i'd just have to get it down again tomorrow or whatever. in the past few nights i've been zining a fair bit. eight pages of your pretty face #10 done done so far. i'd go and do some more but getting home quite late and doing the dishes, making dinner and having a bath has messed up my night thymme and it's already almost bedtime. actually, it is already bed time. poo. we've got boys on the sofa again. only had them away for one night! oh well. i should print my cv, so i can take it in for something tomorrow during lunch. shh.

agent provocateur scented cushions

in other news.. carl brought home two packets of agent provocateur perfumed cushions as today’s oxfam presents. they smell rather saucy. i put one on our pillows, underneath the duvet. i'm gonna go sniff the sheets now.






i pretty much just really really wanna be in kitten forever. how great is their name, btw? best evs.

Sunday, March 21, 2010



we finally watched watchmen yesterday. i really liked it. obviously not having read the book, i can't say if it did justice to it, but as someone who didn't have a clue, it was ace. some weird soundtrack placements (that bit with all along the watch tower? didn't really work for me) some beautifully shot scenes. it's weird how i've heard many people complain it was slow, i guess it was, in a way, but it was story developement, and necessary. i found inglorious basterds unnecessarily slow, for no good reason, and i've heard no one else whinge about that. wtf? to be honest, i've never been big on action, i get bored, i rather see people talk & stuff, but in basterds, the story wasn't even moving half the time.. (still liked it, just really needed fast forward.) i've just reserved the comic in the library. maybe i'll get a call sometime in the week informing it's there for me to pick up. carl's dad has it, but he's still in the hospital and the book is in his cupboard of treasures.

carl managed to leave a fancy candle (in a candle holder) on the dvd case and it waxed all over the case, and then our lovely white cabinet and stained it forever. carl's a bit upset. i'd make him watch league of extra-ordinary gentlemen today (i borrowed the dvd from his dad ages ago) but his little brother clive is coming around again later. as he's done every single sunday night for about a month. i think today will be the fourth sunday in a row.

i started cut & pasting pages for your pretty face #10 today. about bloody time. i think i've started to write more stuff on the computer & then print it out and paste it in but i just can't get used to how it looks. it probably looks good once it's gone through a copier but right now the two pages i've done so far.. not too sure. oh the woes of a perfectionist. i think i'll go and continue. got to go to the printers tomorrow, make some more copies of old zines. got a sudden rush of distro orders, sold out of a bunch of stuff and annoyingly almost every order has something that has sold out. poop. unfortunately i can only make more copies of my zines. other stuff is on re-order.



i've decided to take at least one picture every week from now on, for something on tumblr they call vinyl sunday. or maybe it's not even a tumblr thing, but that's where i saw it first.

vinyl sunday: swell maps - a trip to marineville

a trip to marineville by swell maps. one of carl's finds. he insisted to pick one out for me today and this is what he got out of the pile. i love the cover, it's bloody gorgeous!

& here's last weeks, i just realised i never posted it on here even though i meant to;

vinyl sunday

my first ever vinyl sunday;

it turns out me and carl have two copies of the first velvet underground album. normal and gatefold. i think carl forgot we already had it when brought home pretty much all the vu albums from oxfam one day. ohwell, at least if we ever break up, we can both have one.

Monday, March 15, 2010


ask me anything, anything at all.
once there's enough questions, i'll make a post with answers.
(rights no comment reserved, but it never hurts to try..
& you're welcome to be anonymous if you wish.)

i'm somewhat bored. i think i'm going to go draw stuff or something. been working on some comp zine submissions and stuff. my own zine stuff is still firmly stuck inside my brain. updated the distro with some new zines. i really recommend 'you live for the fight when that's all that you've got', especially since i only got 2 copies from a distro closing down sale and it's been out of print for a while. actually, all the zines are excellent. that one gets a special mention cos there's only two left...

Sunday, March 14, 2010


what i wore today - 140310

bowler hat - d & a toys
hoodie - 'borrowed' from jay
t-shirt -
jeans - skinnified by carl, primark
odd socks
nana's old aino slippers

i've managed to not leave the house. bliss.

Friday, March 12, 2010


carl says i look like baseball fury. or stan laurel. i bloody love it. i've been wanting one since i tried to nick sylle's last time they played in london. bowler + gold dress was a brilliant combo. not to mention listening to ola and kasper discuss the hetero normative nature of rock'n'roll. oh yeah, and walking around camden puking all over in turns with sylle. classy bitches. i think sylle is my favourite drunken fool. like the time he 'stage dived' off the table to 80's madonna. fun thymmes. best parties. and dancing to david bowie on chairs. red-rum. what was it again? rum and grenadine and soda water? wait, there was some spirit i usually don't drink but it was all there was left.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

poetic justice will come in town

Alright, But not quite, originally uploaded by LukePersonified.

i got some more new zines for the distro the other day. i'll probably be updating the website properly at the weekend or something. try to catch up on descriptions. oops.

for some reason i haven't got anything else to say. i've got letters to finish and carl ate my almond croissant this morning. boo.


Sunday, March 07, 2010


this is a letter i posted yesterday. i do hope it has enough stamps. not telling who it's for though. that'd be telling & spoiling a surprise.


today i have been both a success and a massive failure when it comes to cooking. i'll start with the failure. i made baked potatoes with ratatouille & feta cheese for dinner, but unfortunately i sort of didn't cook the potatoes properly. i don't think i ever have! this is why i tried to get carl to check them for me but i guess he's got too much faith in my potato baking abilities. still ate some of it though..

& then on to my success;

sunday brunch, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

yesterday, i was in a spot of bother foodwise, because i had had a whole aubergine chopped up in a tub for a couple of days, and i thought i'd better use it up asap. so carl told me to just google "aubergine recipes", and i found a load of them on bbc good food website. the one we ended up with was fast feta & aubergine pizzas, which i made for lunch. which was fucking lush. though i did end up changing the recipe a bit. instead of using roasted aubergines from a jar, i got carl to roast them in some oil while i was still walking home from the shops. the silly boy didn't roast all of them though, so i roasted some more this morning/afternoon and had the same thing for my breakfast / lunch / brunch. it is definitely going in my cooking zine. and so is our dinner from last night, spiced vegetable biryani, with some added notes.


yesterday after i'd been to the post office and confused their staff with my weirdo post, i went and tried on some stuff at tk maxx on my way to buy dinner and home.

tulip dress, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

i just love the shape of tulip dresses, but i guess there is no better way to make yourself feel fat and ugly than try on pretty dresses and not fit in them. this one was a LARGE and i pretty much would need to cover my hips in lard to slip it on properly. above waist, great. below waist.. no. sigh. it was pretty but to be honest, i wasn't going to buy it anyway. just trying shit on for fun fun fun.

criminal damage dress, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

i rather liked the print on this criminal damage dress, but i wasn't going to buy it either. i wouldn't ever actually wear it, except maybe out partying etc. and i never go out so whats the point? especially when you don't have wads of spare cash to blow on pretty, but ultimately useless things.

ditsy dress, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

i thought i might as well take a 'proper' picture of the dress i was wearing too. 'lace ditsy dress' according to the tag. bloody love it.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


i bought two pretty new dresses from new look yesterday on my way home and i reckon i'll be wearing them a lot! wearing the blue floral one now. i even washed my hair, just for the dress. i'd take pictures but my good tripod is still at carl's parents (i left it there by accident at christmas and since carl's dad's been stuck at the hospital, i haven't got it back yet. but fear not, he's getting better. he had surgery wednesday and he's on the mend, hopefully he should be home by the end of the month and i'll make him that lasagne i promised. i haven't really written about it because.. well, it's none of my business (he's not my dad) and i haven't really known what's going on because no one wants to talk about it. which is fair enough. but yeah, on the mend! exciting) and carl takes ugly pictures of me. i've got another tripod somewhere behind the telly, but i'm not sure if i'll manage to get it out. there isn't anywhere you can really take a picture in a cramped wee flat anyway.. i did post some less flattering pictures of them i found on the website on my tumblr.. they suit me better than they suit the model. weird, that. there was actually a third dress i almost got too, but it didn't have sleeves and it was £15 instead of £12. i think two is enough, right? we'll see if it's still there in a couple of days in my size.

- - - -

oh fuck it, i don't need boys and tripods. sure it's not a full shot but who cares. it's a bit short but i always wear tights anyway (even in the summer. not cos i'm ashamed of my hairy legs, but because i don't want people to see my underpants..) so who cares.

i bought a new dress.

i'm off to the post office. got a few letters and random surprise presents to send! and i'm making lunch when i get back. if i don't go now, luch will be ridiculously late lunch. even later than my weekday lunches (i go to lunch about 3pm, because i want to. makes the rest of the day shorter. i have a tea/fag break at midday and eat a yoghurt + banana, and a rushed cup of sugary coffee since i'm not allowed drinks in the office since last monday the coffee mug fell out of my hand and splashed all over the old computer's keyboard, which is now fucked.. yeah.) anyway! post office. in pretty dress.

"QUEEN BITCH" david fucking bowie

Thursday, March 04, 2010


♥ this band, and this man:

i just cannot wait until end of april. i do realise song doesn't sound that amazing, but i dont care. it's probably not the final version... i miss sonny boy. i haven't seen him since.. glasgow? february 2006. i did see him on stage in april 2007, but i didn't get a chance to speak to him, he snuck off somewhere. escaping the screaming fangirls i guess. but i spoke to him on the phone couple of days later. i can't remember if i rang him, or he rang me, but he was getting ready for another gig, swedenside. in make up, ha. and sylle was opening his voice in the background. he said he was sorry we hadn't got a chance to talk. it was a weird trip home. they better come this way, or i will cry. i have a letter somewhere i wrote him ages ago, i should send it to him. check if he still has the same address, i've got some zines to send him. i sent him kersa x years ago, i think before we met, properly and he thought it was brilliant. ha. said i should write the manifesto for the state of the ark. bless him. he really is one of the most awesome people i've ever met and i don't care if you think he's lame or whatever.. i'm still going to get the tattoo he was trying to talk me out of having last time. "angelhead". i was going to get it in his handwriting but turns out his isn't that nice. ha. "what if you hate us one day?" he asked me, and i told him "well, then it will remind me of all the fun i had and all the nice people i met through you."

i also found also found some sort of extremely embarrassing proof of me and my friends being embarrassing fangirls in broken swedish. that was the first time they put us on guest list. we sort of spent the whole day sitting outside tavastia where they played, queueing even though no one else showed up. but i'd sort of got the taste of queueing from manics gigs so we did it. and found out the gig was sold out, which we hadn't expected at all for some reason. and the boys were very lovely and put us on the list! actually, i don't think i've paid to see them since. except for some extreme traveling to get to the gigs. done a few whole tours and all. those were the fucking days.

i think that's actually all i can think of today. i sound like a twat, don't i? oh, i don't give a damn if i do.

"you who stole my solitude" the ark

Wednesday, March 03, 2010