Wednesday, March 31, 2010


5 am, originally uploaded by Laurence 2.

i forgot to set my alarm last night. 'luckily' i woke up and rolled over & looked at the time at 8.59am, when i usually get up if i manage. of course i couldn't get up rightaway, it's just not possible, but i was at work on time and all. i've already set my alarm for the morning. i did it when i got home. tomorrow i finish at 3pm. yaye. i've got pizza in the oven for my lunch. i've watched three hours of twin peaks again. maybe i should eventually have a day off. still somewhat freaked out by the end of the last one i watched. not surprised, just creeped out. screaming girls aren't exactly the best mental image to have just before bed.

i was trying to think of my playlist for girl germs on the 10th afterwards but i'm suddenly drawing blank again. boo. i've been writing a letter during lunch. tomorrow's lunch is only fifteen minutes though so it will be straight up eat & smoke & go affair. i think i'll take the grape soda the boys brought me the other day with me. i've got pizza in the oven that will be my lunch.

i've got plans to make an epic fascinator to this tutorial. but i'm still looking for toys to make it epic/special. i'm somewhat tempted to put luna and her thestral on top of my head but i think that might be a bit.. big. and overly epic. if there is such a thing.

but now it is time for bed.

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