Saturday, March 06, 2010


i bought two pretty new dresses from new look yesterday on my way home and i reckon i'll be wearing them a lot! wearing the blue floral one now. i even washed my hair, just for the dress. i'd take pictures but my good tripod is still at carl's parents (i left it there by accident at christmas and since carl's dad's been stuck at the hospital, i haven't got it back yet. but fear not, he's getting better. he had surgery wednesday and he's on the mend, hopefully he should be home by the end of the month and i'll make him that lasagne i promised. i haven't really written about it because.. well, it's none of my business (he's not my dad) and i haven't really known what's going on because no one wants to talk about it. which is fair enough. but yeah, on the mend! exciting) and carl takes ugly pictures of me. i've got another tripod somewhere behind the telly, but i'm not sure if i'll manage to get it out. there isn't anywhere you can really take a picture in a cramped wee flat anyway.. i did post some less flattering pictures of them i found on the website on my tumblr.. they suit me better than they suit the model. weird, that. there was actually a third dress i almost got too, but it didn't have sleeves and it was £15 instead of £12. i think two is enough, right? we'll see if it's still there in a couple of days in my size.

- - - -

oh fuck it, i don't need boys and tripods. sure it's not a full shot but who cares. it's a bit short but i always wear tights anyway (even in the summer. not cos i'm ashamed of my hairy legs, but because i don't want people to see my underpants..) so who cares.

i bought a new dress.

i'm off to the post office. got a few letters and random surprise presents to send! and i'm making lunch when i get back. if i don't go now, luch will be ridiculously late lunch. even later than my weekday lunches (i go to lunch about 3pm, because i want to. makes the rest of the day shorter. i have a tea/fag break at midday and eat a yoghurt + banana, and a rushed cup of sugary coffee since i'm not allowed drinks in the office since last monday the coffee mug fell out of my hand and splashed all over the old computer's keyboard, which is now fucked.. yeah.) anyway! post office. in pretty dress.

"QUEEN BITCH" david fucking bowie


Emma Jane Falconer said...

You need to have a picnic under a parasol with a china doll and man with a twiddly stache in that dress.

miss tukru said...

it's a bloody shame carl shaved all of his beard & moustasche off. i could have groomed it with some wax & stuff!

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

you're hilarious. love! xx