Monday, March 29, 2010


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12 pages of issue ten done done. slowly writing more while watching twin peaks for the first time. i think i have developed a bit of a problem. (like people have heroin problems) in the past two days i have watched five and a bit hours of twin peaks. i'm just about to start on episode seven.. i stayed up til half twelve last night watching it. luckily i ran out, i would have stayed up later, i'm sure. and i couldn't actually go to sleep. i just laid there for ages, and then suddenly fell asleep with the ipod playing music instead of harry potter and when i woke up in the middle of the night it was still playing art brut. or was it when i was rudely awaken by my alarm at 7.45? not sure. i am hardly actually woken up by my alarm, i usually wake up randomly around six and just lie there and listen to harry potter (sometimes fall asleep again briefly) until i just have to drag myself out of bed.

i was quite cheerful at work today. perhaps it was the knowledge i won't be spending that much time there this week. extra long weekend, what with easter. what good will i be there on friday since there will be no post collected? nada. and i think they're actually closed monday. they're never closed. and on wednesday i'm finishing early, at three, because i have some holiday hours still left that need to be spent by the end of the month or i'll lose them and by god i will fucking spend my holiday. when i explain or mention this to other people, they say things like 'oh i have X hours left too, i'll lose them', i don't know what they're expecting me to do. go "oh. i shan't use up my holiday since you have so much left"? what is the whole my life suxx more than your life competition all about? i am not allowed to say anything negative about my life because someone else has it worse? there is always someone who has it worse, and we do not need to make it into a competition. i am also tired of being talked to like me having time off is a favour they're doing to me. oh please, i have earned it. i am entitled to it by law. i'm doing a favour to you by coming in and putting up with your bullshit and doing a good job. fuck you.

anyway. one more twin peaks and then i'm off to bed. i've hardly done anything else today. been to work. made dinner & eaten it. watched enders with carl and then watch twin peaks. and written maybe a hundred words. it's a slow process. i wish i could finish season one. but i should really go to bed after the next one. well see how that goes. at least i'm already in my jammies. ready to go straight to bed, whatever happens.


E*phi said...

I can really emphasize! For me, it was the same with Battle Star Galactica. My whole real life seemed on hiatus until I had seen all the episodes. (Almost.)

Oh, and I know what you're talking about regarding the "sucking life competition". I hate it. If you've had a tough time and just want to get it off your heart a bit, people don't even listen but it seems to trigger an automatic reaction in them to tell you that it's nothing compared to their shitty life (and oh look how well they still cope! So stop whining, right?!)

Emma Jane Falconer said...

Twin Peaks is the most addictive show ever, I watched the whole boxset in two days when I got it.

special agent albert rosenfield. said...

i put my life on hold when i watch twin peaks best tv show ever soundtrack and all♥. xx

yvonne said...

never start watching twin peaks if you got anything serious to do in your life apart from it :)! it's unbelievable...hope you enjoy it and it won't distract you from sleeping anymore!
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