Friday, March 12, 2010


carl says i look like baseball fury. or stan laurel. i bloody love it. i've been wanting one since i tried to nick sylle's last time they played in london. bowler + gold dress was a brilliant combo. not to mention listening to ola and kasper discuss the hetero normative nature of rock'n'roll. oh yeah, and walking around camden puking all over in turns with sylle. classy bitches. i think sylle is my favourite drunken fool. like the time he 'stage dived' off the table to 80's madonna. fun thymmes. best parties. and dancing to david bowie on chairs. red-rum. what was it again? rum and grenadine and soda water? wait, there was some spirit i usually don't drink but it was all there was left.


Diane said...

Bowler hat + you + that photo = WIN.

Christina + Tania said...

love your new banner! Kitty!
Great bowler hat. Glad you got one, am still waiting to get one.