Sunday, March 21, 2010



we finally watched watchmen yesterday. i really liked it. obviously not having read the book, i can't say if it did justice to it, but as someone who didn't have a clue, it was ace. some weird soundtrack placements (that bit with all along the watch tower? didn't really work for me) some beautifully shot scenes. it's weird how i've heard many people complain it was slow, i guess it was, in a way, but it was story developement, and necessary. i found inglorious basterds unnecessarily slow, for no good reason, and i've heard no one else whinge about that. wtf? to be honest, i've never been big on action, i get bored, i rather see people talk & stuff, but in basterds, the story wasn't even moving half the time.. (still liked it, just really needed fast forward.) i've just reserved the comic in the library. maybe i'll get a call sometime in the week informing it's there for me to pick up. carl's dad has it, but he's still in the hospital and the book is in his cupboard of treasures.

carl managed to leave a fancy candle (in a candle holder) on the dvd case and it waxed all over the case, and then our lovely white cabinet and stained it forever. carl's a bit upset. i'd make him watch league of extra-ordinary gentlemen today (i borrowed the dvd from his dad ages ago) but his little brother clive is coming around again later. as he's done every single sunday night for about a month. i think today will be the fourth sunday in a row.

i started cut & pasting pages for your pretty face #10 today. about bloody time. i think i've started to write more stuff on the computer & then print it out and paste it in but i just can't get used to how it looks. it probably looks good once it's gone through a copier but right now the two pages i've done so far.. not too sure. oh the woes of a perfectionist. i think i'll go and continue. got to go to the printers tomorrow, make some more copies of old zines. got a sudden rush of distro orders, sold out of a bunch of stuff and annoyingly almost every order has something that has sold out. poop. unfortunately i can only make more copies of my zines. other stuff is on re-order.


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