Friday, June 08, 2012


this blog has moved to greener pastures. please update your links & rss readers or w/e. it's been fun. see you at from now on, yeah?

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


this saturday (may 12th) we are hosting a little zine reading + zine workshop at coFWD in rochester! if you're anywhere near by, or willing to/can travel here, you should totally come! tukru & emma (of fanzine ynfytyn) will be reading from their zines and then pieces from some of their favourite zines! then we are gonna do a wee workshop with general talk about zines and show how to make them, including practical bits like layout ideas, making flats and printing tips. and we'll also make a little workshop compilation zine!

you can visit for more info AND zine related things, and there's also a facebook event page if that's your thing.

as the venue isn't a so called public space you'll need to book your place in advance, which you can do here. booking is free cos well, the cost of the workshop is going to depend a bit on how many people turn up! but officially it's £2+ donation on the day. you can also email us at and confirm through there if the eventbrite page doesn't work for you for some reason. the eventbrite page also has the exact location and i will be emailing directions etc to all participants before hand.

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i just totally copied this from the vampire sushi website (because i think if i tried to re-write it again i doubt i'd ever get this post out in time!) I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE NOT POSTED ABOUT THIS ON MY VERY OWN BLOG. what is wrong with me?? 

i'm super excited about the workshop but i am also so fucking nervous. i'm so scared no one is going to turn up, or that i will mess up and it will go horribly wrong and no one will ever want to make zines or anything. though i'm 90% sure it won't go quite that bad. i mean, not all of those thing will happen in one go. right? luckily i've got emma coming along to help me and she's run some zine workshops before at brighton zine fest. and i suppose nerves are good, and expected in such situation, right? i just feel so unprepared.. i got so excited though when i visited the space last month and booked the space & time. i really hope it goes well and maybe we can do it again sometime.

so yeah, if you're in medway area, or are willing to travel here this saturday, you should come!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


hey i kinda (re)did these drawings and scanned them and kinda put them on society6 and you can buy them as an art print or w/e but MOST IMPORTANTLY you can buy it as a t-shirt! and they have free shipping until sunday (that's today! i've totally been meaning to make this blog post for about a week but i kinda keep forgetting..)

Thursday, April 05, 2012


i finally bought me a leopard print skirt. or actually, i bought two!

i randomly remembered last night how i needed one in my wardrobe (hi tumblr friends!) and i was considering buying this one from asos, but i went shopping after work today and found these two gems, from select for £10 and from primark for £4, respectively. kinda loved the shopping experience in select. there are some awesome ladies working there. and i enjoyed the fact that their sizes seem to be a little more generous than primark (size 16 vs primark's size 20) which is always nice. i think i will definitely go back. actually, i just realised my leopard print dress is also from there! perhaps it's the best place for leopard print.

in other news, i started blogging again in finnish with my friend zola ♥ ♥ at we've started and abandoned blogs with the same name before but this time it's gonna last, honest. and i have been taking quite a few outfit photos for it, even though this time we've decided it's not a fashion / style blog. it's whatever everything anything we feel like blog, but in finnish. here's some of my lovely outfits so far.

i must confess, i'm still wondering if a fez would be considered cultural appropriation.. it's not exactly a spiritual object like a head dress, which definitely would be very uncool, but.. it is part of a classic middle eastern / north african stereotype constantly used in olden days. i don't know. perhaps i should go by the rule of 'if you think it might be iffy, it probably is.' it's just i like my fez. carl found it while tidying in february, apparently it was a present for christmas 2 years ago, except he hid it and forgot about it. but i can always just.. not wear it. i have pondered about this on tumblr before, but no one has replied.. if fezzes are indeed uncool, let me know and i will put it on the shelf and pretend the doctor left it here or w/e.

Sunday, April 01, 2012


i made some new flyers for vampire sushi and i've also tinkered with some stencils and gone & printed some garishly bright pink patches. i will be at ladyfestEASTlondon with the distro in approx 14hrs (i'd normally say tomorrow, but it's technically tomorrow already) i'll be bringing the patches i have so far and of course all the zines in the distro!

i've got monday off, i might make a proper update then. but i thought i'd let y'all know about the ladyfesting.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL #16 is finally done and printed and all that. it's been 9 months since #15 and while that's not that long really, it feels like way too long for me. and this zine has been 'almost finished' for almost 2 months, so i'm happy that it's finally done. i write about turning thirty (which i'm still not) being together with the same person for seven years, other sevens, my trip to the tooting zine fest and writing letters. it's the usual £2 for a quarter size zine, with 36 pages if my maths are right.

i've added the zine to the vampire sushi distro website along with a couple of other zines, but if there's nothing else you want from the distro and you live in the uk, you can also buy with the paypal link below for £2.50 inc postage. if yr outside uk, you might as well get your postage's worth and order some other zines too!

as usual, i will also do trades as long as they are fair!
email me: tukrulovesyou at gmail dot com

Saturday, March 17, 2012



t-shirt from NEW LOOK (boys section i think, in a sale last year)
knitted mini skirt from PRIMARK (£1 bargain rail)
striped cardigan used to be carl's little brother's
with my FIGHT BOREDOM patch on the sleeve
fuck if i know where i got these tights, shoes from primark

(not 100% keen on the 2nd picture due to double chin but fuck flattering and besides, you can see the outfit better)

now that carl found my little digital camera again, i can take outfit photos by placing it on the book shelf, turning all the lights on and using the 10sec self timer.

this has more or less been my constant outfit at home since last week when i bought this skirt in but with blue in it. i loved it so much i bought another one. it's ridic short and only just about covers my bottom but who cares since i always wear pants AND hella thick tights. usually two pairs even. though it's getting warmer so i manage with 1 x tights too. no seriously that's how you wear skirts in the winter, layer on the tights. actually warmer than wearing jeans <3 not that it gets THAT cold in kent, but the winds are a bitch.