Thursday, April 05, 2012


i finally bought me a leopard print skirt. or actually, i bought two!

i randomly remembered last night how i needed one in my wardrobe (hi tumblr friends!) and i was considering buying this one from asos, but i went shopping after work today and found these two gems, from select for £10 and from primark for £4, respectively. kinda loved the shopping experience in select. there are some awesome ladies working there. and i enjoyed the fact that their sizes seem to be a little more generous than primark (size 16 vs primark's size 20) which is always nice. i think i will definitely go back. actually, i just realised my leopard print dress is also from there! perhaps it's the best place for leopard print.

in other news, i started blogging again in finnish with my friend zola ♥ ♥ at we've started and abandoned blogs with the same name before but this time it's gonna last, honest. and i have been taking quite a few outfit photos for it, even though this time we've decided it's not a fashion / style blog. it's whatever everything anything we feel like blog, but in finnish. here's some of my lovely outfits so far.

i must confess, i'm still wondering if a fez would be considered cultural appropriation.. it's not exactly a spiritual object like a head dress, which definitely would be very uncool, but.. it is part of a classic middle eastern / north african stereotype constantly used in olden days. i don't know. perhaps i should go by the rule of 'if you think it might be iffy, it probably is.' it's just i like my fez. carl found it while tidying in february, apparently it was a present for christmas 2 years ago, except he hid it and forgot about it. but i can always just.. not wear it. i have pondered about this on tumblr before, but no one has replied.. if fezzes are indeed uncool, let me know and i will put it on the shelf and pretend the doctor left it here or w/e.


Anonymous said...

Ihanii hameit sulla beibe xx

Anonymous said...

Hei, ehdotan kysymään tuota fez-asiaa vaikka täältä: siellä on aina joku viisas, joka osaa kaivaa vastauksen vaikeimpiinkin kysymyksiin!

Bri said...

i love your kitten shirt, and leopard cardigan, and your new leopard skirts! so basically your whole outfit. i'm feeling the knee length one a lot. i have a few leopard skirts and dresses but they're all mini length.