Sunday, September 25, 2011


at this very moment, i should be knitting and chatting from behind a little round table with a horse patterned table cloth and a bunch of zine on it in sheffield at the sheffield zine fair, but.. i had a bit of a mini freak out yesterday about half an hour before i needed to leave the house to catch a train to london & a megabus to sheffield from there on. last weekend i went to sweden and had a bit of a rough time coming back (flight delayed by FOUR HOURS, had no sleep the night before because i figured oh i'll snooze on the plane leaving at 9.40 and be home in the late afternoon and chillax then. bollox to that plan, i got home in the evening had a pizza and a bath and went to bed at 10 and still was shattered on monday) and then had a bit of a shitty week at work (the good computer 'died' on tuesday and instead of having wednesday off i did short days on tuesday & wednesday, and then was SICK SICK SICK on thursday. like proper. puked everything out first thing in the morning and then felt really feeble and week all day and spent most of it in bed. and then had a super hectic day at work on friday trying to catch up with EVERYTHING since the computer worked again, apparently there was NOWT wrong with it in the end.) so yeah, i was shattered and my travel plans were just too easy to get fucked up (my megabus back was 45min after the zine fest finished, latest available coach anywhere for some reason) and i just needed to stay home for once. i had already packed the zines, i'd even been super organized and put them in the boxes in alphabetical order so it's easy to restock, AND i'd put the zines i was going to put out on the table first in a separate box. woah..

anyway. i've got another zine fest coming up in a couple of weeks:

Confirmed Stalls: Catherine ElmsVampire Sushi DistroEmma ViolaFat QuarterEmma Jane FalconerMarching Stars DistroLights Go Out DistroWalrus CollectiveZoom RockmanPrincesa Pirata DistroJon HornerLisa WSarah Tea-RexDecadence Comics • Jason D Whitehead • Steve Larder • Chloe Bunny • Whirlygig CollectiveGareth BrookesVapid KittenGirls Get BusyVicky StevensonTom CassonMartyn WarrenDan Rhatigan


2:30pm - 3:30pm: Working With Distros
Hosted by Lizzy from Marching Stars
Lizzy from Marching Stars Distro explains how to get the best from your interactions with distros and their owners.

3:30pm - 4:30pm: Zine Readings
Hosted by Miss Tukru

Cath from Here. In My Head, Lisa from Sometimes I’m Dreaming, Emma from Fanzine Ynfytyn and Tukru from Your Pretty Face Is Going Straight To Hell will be reading out loud from their zines.

The Pirate Castle, Oval Road. Camden, London NW1 7EA
The Pirate Castle is a short distance away from Camden Town tube station (on the Northern line) and is also close to several bus stops (too many to name, but check the tfl website to plan your route).

Both floors of the Pirate Castle are fully wheelchair accessible via a lift. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet on both floors. Signs are marked in Braille as well as in large type. There is an induction loop on both floors.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

yep, you read that right. i'm hosting a zine reading at the camden zine fest, along with having a table. i think i'm also dragging carl along to watch the stall while i run around. he's only ever been to two little zine fests in southampton and tunbridge wells in our first year of 'business', and both those fairs were really quiet and we were hella bored. but i think he'll be pleasantly surprised by a zine fair in london. he can also wander off to camden market if he pleases. it'll be nice to show him zine fests are actually quite fun!

i'm pretty nervous about the zine reading. i have no idea what i should read (any suggestions??) i'd love to read something new but the only zine i'm currently working on is the ark one and that's not necessarily particularly interesting to an outsider. i might start scribbling shit before then but who knows. i'm pretty sure there will be no new issue of pretty face for a while though. not until i get the ark stuff out of my head. but anyway, as a practice of sorts, i made a zine reading video earlier, from your pretty face #15.

as always, you can buy said zine and previous issues and plenty more from VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO. i've got a bunch of new zines in that i need to add to the catalog, which i'm going to do later today. i better go and get the washing out of the machine now. lots of towels! all our towels smell funny and today is bath day :( but yes, i shall update the vampire sushi tumblr when the new zines are actually up.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


i don't know heard, but i went to sweden last week for a few days to see my favouritest band in the whole world for one last time. here's some pix and shit. (i warn you, there's about 70 of them. i was gonna split it into a few different posts, but then i got lazy. and i could put it under a cut but i cannae be arsed. deal with it)

waiting for the train to london with carl on wednesday night.

my craft project <3 for the trip.
dinner at burger king with the girls.

looking for karaoke in stockholm on a thursday night with no luck. well, nowhere within walking distance from södermalm.

stu at the hostel.

unska & silja på tunnelbanan friday morning, on our way to gröna lund.

i need unska around more, she take good pictures of me!

i'm number 193!

i had strange but yummy pizza at gröna lund with taco beef, jalapenos, nachos and sour cream on top. i guess this makes up for not braving the hamburger pizza while in finland. (i was intrigued, but i wanted something with artichokes more)


cornelia sad.

at the bar across the street. THEY HAD NO CIDER. i thought we were in sweden, ffs!

bitches fucking love to queue (at the t-centralen on our way 'home')

getting ready to sleep on the floor because mosebacke hostel suxx ass.

awesome breakfast buffet at cafe string on saturday. 'suppose it's a bit of a scandi hipster cliche or whatever but heck, i highly recommend it. i would go there all the fucking time. more pancakes & blueberries + strawberries? yes please. om nom nom.

gherkins with breakfast though? well, i guess there's a reason why it's a buffet! each to their own.

"where do i live? i miss home."

i have no idea what this is.

5am on sunday morning :/


t-centralen was surprisingly busy at 6am on a sunday morning..

life saving breakfast smoothie.

skavsta airport toilets. cos i was fucking bored thanks to my flight being delayed by FOUR FUCKING HOURS.

ruined airport breakfast tuna panini that was actually brie panini and hard as a rock. i took back that motherfucker.

book vending machine at stanstead. every single book was hella faded from direct sunlight. cute.

that's pretty much it. details in a zine one day.