Saturday, September 10, 2011


i've been getting ready for my adventures next week. i'm sure i've briefly mentioned it before; i'm going to stockholm, sweden to see the ark one more last ever time (for real this time) the gig is on friday, but i'm flying over on thursday and coming back on sunday. i'm joining hanna, silj, stu & unska (they're sailing there from finland overnight, arriving few hours before me) and we'll be joined by jasmine on friday. it shall be epic epic EPIC.
anyway, i got myself a new more gig friendly handbag that i've been lusting after at primark (seriously, how cute is that! it's got a long shoulder strap too, and i reckon i could even fit my lunchbox in it or my dslr if i actually still ever used it..) and i got myself some swedish cash ready for thursday. tomorrow i'm going to find and wash all the clothes i'm taking with, all ready for thursday. (the first pic is unrelated to sweden, it's just post i got yesterday that carl forgot to tell me about until this morning)

hanna, unska, silja & me singing along to calleth you cometh i at the end of our epic july roadtrip (stu was there too for the most of it, but she decided to get the train home from vasa instead of ramming in the car with us.)

i rather wanted to finish my epic zine about the ark in time for the last gig but i'm still at spring 2005 and 7,400 words and nowhere near finished. so i've decided fuck it, it'll be finished when it's finished (hopefully by christmas) and this way i'll hopefully even be 100% happy with it. or at least more than 50% happy. i had been hoping to be able to sell some at the gig on friday, when i'm surrounded by people who actually know who the ark are and give a shit but instead i've made a facebook page for the zine and some flyers with the info for it. and stuff. it still needs a few more likes though before i can have the nice short url i've put on the flyer.. *hint hint*


Stefanie Rohrbach said...

have fun in stockholm...while seeing the ARK for one more EVER last time...

Stefanie Rohrbach said...

p.s. love is also nutritious and cheap in hometown beds.