Sunday, September 04, 2011


i went to the fundraiser of my old roller derby league / team, kent roller girls, this friday evening. as usual these days, i didn't manage to take many photos. i was too busy being awkward and too poor to get drunk and silly and less awkward.

amber's awesome shoe + awesomer pug tattoo!

my outfit:
peter pan collar dress - primark
cardigan - pop up vintage shop at deaf cat in rochester
silver zebra leggins - tokmanni in joensuu
vampire socks - new look
brown brogues - primark
owl ring & snake brooch - sugarmouse
owl earrings - primark
name necklace - heidi seeker
hello kitty necklace - christmas present from carl's nana joyce

i also donated a zine grab bag to their raffle. about 30 zines including a couple of mine and a big pile of flyers!

i've got a few more grab bags available, each of those have 15 zines (10 x half size, 5 x quarter size, as i seem to have a lot more half sizes i'm not keeping than quarter size zines)



Ingrid said...

I bought a grab bag and I'm exciteddd. Love the pics, looks like a fun event. your tights are so cool :)

Cath said...

The beehive + underarm hair look amaaazing! :D