Saturday, March 17, 2012



t-shirt from NEW LOOK (boys section i think, in a sale last year)
knitted mini skirt from PRIMARK (£1 bargain rail)
striped cardigan used to be carl's little brother's
with my FIGHT BOREDOM patch on the sleeve
fuck if i know where i got these tights, shoes from primark

(not 100% keen on the 2nd picture due to double chin but fuck flattering and besides, you can see the outfit better)

now that carl found my little digital camera again, i can take outfit photos by placing it on the book shelf, turning all the lights on and using the 10sec self timer.

this has more or less been my constant outfit at home since last week when i bought this skirt in but with blue in it. i loved it so much i bought another one. it's ridic short and only just about covers my bottom but who cares since i always wear pants AND hella thick tights. usually two pairs even. though it's getting warmer so i manage with 1 x tights too. no seriously that's how you wear skirts in the winter, layer on the tights. actually warmer than wearing jeans <3 not that it gets THAT cold in kent, but the winds are a bitch.

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Samantha said...

I love this outfit & your hair is so lovely. xoxo