Sunday, March 07, 2010


today i have been both a success and a massive failure when it comes to cooking. i'll start with the failure. i made baked potatoes with ratatouille & feta cheese for dinner, but unfortunately i sort of didn't cook the potatoes properly. i don't think i ever have! this is why i tried to get carl to check them for me but i guess he's got too much faith in my potato baking abilities. still ate some of it though..

& then on to my success;

sunday brunch, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

yesterday, i was in a spot of bother foodwise, because i had had a whole aubergine chopped up in a tub for a couple of days, and i thought i'd better use it up asap. so carl told me to just google "aubergine recipes", and i found a load of them on bbc good food website. the one we ended up with was fast feta & aubergine pizzas, which i made for lunch. which was fucking lush. though i did end up changing the recipe a bit. instead of using roasted aubergines from a jar, i got carl to roast them in some oil while i was still walking home from the shops. the silly boy didn't roast all of them though, so i roasted some more this morning/afternoon and had the same thing for my breakfast / lunch / brunch. it is definitely going in my cooking zine. and so is our dinner from last night, spiced vegetable biryani, with some added notes.

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