Sunday, May 09, 2010


i was planning to do this vinyl sunday thing EVERY SUNDAY, but i've sort of been slacking on it. just been lazy..

vinyl sunday: virve 'vicky' rosti - self titled

vinyl sunday: virve 'vicky' rosti - self titled

vinyl sunday: virve 'vicky' rosti - self titled

one of my favourite albums ever. i've been listening to it since i was ickle, it used to be my dad's. it is the self titled debut album of finnish rocknroll lady virve 'vicky' rosti. unfortunately only two songs from it are on any of her best of's and they're pretty much the least awesome ones. i need to get a friend who has one of those turn yr vinyl into mp3s to thingie it for me, so i can play the fuck out of it at the next girl germs. here's the only song i can find on youtube.

KUN CHICAGO KUOLI - virve 'vicky' rosti.

vinyl sunday: toni basil - mickey

"mickey" by toni basil. fuck yes.

vinyl sunday catch up: bis seven inches

my two bis split 7" i got at the reunion gig. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

we'll see if i manage to keep up next sunday. i predict a slight hangover cos i'm dragging carl or at least myself to moogie wonderland on saturday. thought we could try to make some new friends or something. after all it's much closer now and it's free entry, what more can i ask for?


Deer Prudence said...

Think it's the first time EVER i listen to finnish rock'n'roll... disturbing!
You have to share more of this with us:)

miss tukru said...

i will! when i get it in mp3 form.

Deer Prudence said...

And more finnish rockbands too!

Mar said...

Haha bis!