Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hair today, more tomorrow.

i started re-rooting winifred's hair today. the hair's still a bit frizzy and awful, its a big mess underneath the scalp (it definitely doesn't look like this) but i think i'm doing alright. i figure i'll practise with this hair and then if it's really really way too frizzy when i'm finished, i'll just cut it off and do it again properly, with saran or whatever, with a bit more experience under my belt. i'd still say i'm doing pretty good for an hour or so's work so far.

i'm failing at other things though. like finishing the minizine to go with YOUR PRETTY FACE.. #8 it doesn't help i've lost the first page (and the smaller copies of everything i made last week) i have no idea what's happened to that shit. i've been very badly organised lately.

ooh, it seems to be charlie brooker night today. first he's hosting you have been watching, as usual, and then he's a guest on 8 out of 10 cats? hell yeah, i say. i have special feelings for charlie brooker and his angry little face. i must be off, i always miss watching the beginning properly because i'm faffing on the fucking internet.

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