Monday, September 06, 2010


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first day back was ok. it was just me getting shit done in the office. answered almost a week's worth of stupid questions and had someone be a dick at me, yay. back to normal. boss not in for two weeks, yaye. fuck load of shit that needs to be put on, seriously, you can hardly move from boxes of crap. but i'll be fine, i'm sure. apparently i was missed, well, wished i was there so someone wouldn't have to do it all himself. ha! maybe he'll appreciate what i do a bit more. i don't just sit around and twiddle my thumbs, y'know. it did go fucking slow though. ugh. maybe tomorrow i'll actually get to attack the boxes of shit..

anyway. carl's playing harry potter lego. he's finished it actually, but you know how lego games are, you do all the levels and you've finished 45% or something. he's looking for some evil characters. blah. i was gonna make him watch män som hatar kvinnor with me but it's a bit late now. especially since there's still some crap i need to do, like make a new cover for your pretty face #10, since someone lost the flats. and it's a bit of a pain to try copy anything that's printed on red paper.. thought i'd change it completely as i found a picture that's actually super appropriate for it! yes, more appropriate than joey ramoney with a kitty cat. sort of.

in other news i'm randomly obsessed with this song right now. especially the finnish cover i remember from my childhood.

"poupée de cire, poupée de son" france gall

"vahanukke, laulava nukke" katri-helena ♥

here's some bonus katri helena for y'all, this shit is how i learned to sing.. i reckon i'd kick ass at singing katri-helena at some tradition finnish karaoke bar. i've learned to never ever do R-A-K-A-S, no matter how much i love that song. it just has too many words, you'll be crap unless you know every word by heart. it's too fast. vitun moottoriturpa.

"minne tuuli kuljettaa" katri-helena

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maren said...

ooooh i love the girl with the dragon tattoo! you should really watch it, i'm so obsessed. lisbeth <333