Sunday, August 29, 2010


derby feet


i'm all derby'd up and derby'd out at the same time. i wish i had my very own skates already so i could spend all of my holiday skating around the lines and getting used to the extra height and being on wheels. yep. i'm off work for a whole week. feels weird. i've got a bunch of things i want to do, like:

♥ work on your pretty face is going to hell #12 and hopefully get it almost done.
♥ print more zines. mainly more #10's & #11's.
♥ cook and bake proper, since i've got the time.
♥ hang out with sophie & meg.
♥ get vampire sushi distro in order, to be messed up again by tabling at the birmingham zine fest in couple of weeks. it's a big fat mess after a zine event.
♥ tidy up the bedroom & hopefully get it sorted in other ways too.

1 comment:

Belinda said...

I can't wait to start my roller derby career.. can't afford new skates at the moment and the competition is so high in london :( wish I lived in kent...