Tuesday, August 17, 2010


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our computer decided to die temporarily yesterday. it's done it before so we know how to fix it but it's probably gonna take a few days. doubt i'll get to see true blood until next week now! that is actually my main woe. & distro stuff. especially since i got a load of new ones in the post today! well, re-stocking old favourites. oh well. i was feeling a little restless yesterday. but luckily we did a very bargainlicious shopping trip to tescos and got almost enough food for the rest of the week, well at least a couple of days, for £9, including two fancy finest pizzas that should have been £9 all together. nom nom. had one of those last night. tonight i'll make some risotto with chicken, peas & parma ham.

i guess in a way computer death has so far been productive. i scribbled 6 pages of #12 in my notebook and loads all over a sheet i'd printed off the computer on sunday with the little i had managed to type in the last too months. getting there now. i'm gonna ring mama on the way to tesco, ask her to send me some childhood photos and stuffs.

so yeah. don't you worry if you don't hear from me for a while. its just a little bit of temporary computer death. though knowing how things usually go, i'll probs be back on tomorrow or later tonight cos carl's found the special different operating system disc (it's really windows that's dead, not the computer..) & carl posted a bunch of vampire sushi orders today. can't remember which ones i gave him. i think it was all but one or something along those lines..

ps. i love this lady's photos. they are so gorgeous & delicious.

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