Monday, August 09, 2010


i'm sorry. i'm all true blooded up. just finished watching sunday's episode and it was probably first one that didn't literally end with me gasping in horror / surprise and swearing at the bastard program. it was a nice change. and didn't make the episode any less zomg. but i shan't spoil nothing. surely these caps aren't really that spoilery. if at all.

i have now 'read' all of the books so far. well, listened to audiobooks of the first nine, and actually old skool proper read dead in the family. half way through a touch of dead now, a collection of short stories from times in between the books. not sure what i'm going to do after i finish it. maybe old skool read from the beginning? that's what the library is for i guess.

funnily enough, when i went to the library last week to get a touch of dead, i was served by the same lady as when i got dead in the family. we'd had a little chat about the books (she found them a bit too... racy & gorey, so she prefers twilight herself) last time and she asked me if it was vampires that i liked or.. and then proceeded to tell me about this book her daughter was reading she thought i'd like. "shall i reserve it for you?" of course i said yes. turns out it is called abraham lincoln, vampire hunter. i've only just googled it, apparently it's by the same bloke who wrote pride and prejudice and zombies. which carl got me for christmas or valentine's day. (he knows how i feel about zombies, and vampires) not a masterpiece, but entertaining enough. we'll see. i'm sure it will be a giggle. let's call it research, shall we?

i feel a little lost since i finished my distro to do list. especially since hardly anyone's got back to me. woesome. i've had a few new zines in the post again and i've fallen a little bit a lot in love with some. sigh. i guess waiting for other people to act is almost as frustrating as waiting for me to act. especially as there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT. while when it's me, i can. well, who else can?

i had a bit of a tiff with carl earlier. i was cranky and tired when i got off work and i guess i took it out on him a bit. and he wasn't in the best of moods to start with. so we've just.. left each other alone today. got the grumps for one reason or the other.

on saturday emma cut my hair & dyed some of my hair blue. i would post a picture, but there isn't one i fully like yet. i can't find either of my goddamn digital cameras, and the ones i took on my polaroid didn't come out so good.. emma also took one after she'd finished, but yeahh.. i want my own one. eventually my things will seize hiding from me! seriously. i am well pissed off.

i played with a lot of kittens this weekend. first with emma's ma's new kittens who very very shy, so they'd play but wouldn't cuddle, and on sunday with ellie's housemate's kitty i've forgotten the name of who is much less shy now. more of an attention whore really. bless him. it's good kittens don't have very sharp claws though. happiness is a kittycat.

(this is mainly this long cos i'm bored / making up for long absence. not that anyone's probably noticed / minded anyway. )

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vickeh said...

your hair looks awesome miss x