Wednesday, August 25, 2010


carl fixed our computer. start from scratch again. except with all our old crap. the joy of several hard drives! it's nice to be back. though my google reader is getting ridiculous. 487 entries. i might just mark it all as read without even scrolling down. has anyone said/posted anything interesting?

in other news,

#1; what carl brought home from oxfam today:

oxfam finds, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

"best dressed chicken in town" by dr alimantado
"suspense" magazine for 1960, which really is more of a paperback pulp novel than a magazine.
"crabs on rampage" by guy n. smith

#2; here's a picture of me at roller derby practice on sunday.

derby girl, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

#3; on saturday me & carl made an epic journey to MADE zine/art fest in tunbridge wells. it included a bus to maidstone and then another to tunbridge wells through pretty villages full of houses that looked like they'd been there for hundreds of years, covered in vines and other greenery and crumbling graveyards. pretty.

the village i wanna live in when i'm old.

yes, hadlow has a "typical portuguese restaurant". not a traditional, TYPICAL.

ellie from hoojemaflap distro & brighton zine fest painting something mysterious on the 'wall'. for some reason i forgot to have a look when i went to the toilet, or to buy more tea (for carl, i'm still too foreign for tea) and cakes. now i'll never know!

carl & the sushi table.

we were kinda so bored we drew all this on the 'wall' behind us. though to be honest we were supposed to do that anyway.

it was pretty quiet & carl was pretty restless & bored, which kind made me extra restless & bored too. i guess tunbridge wells isn't the zine capital of the world.. i think we sold about £20 worth zines, which left us £5 profit after the bus & tea and cakes. i won't count the KFC we had when we got home to the equation as we had to eat anyway.. the journey back took absolute ages because when we got to maidstone we went to sainsburys to get some salad, ciders & breakfast for sunday and when we got back to the bus station we'd just missed the last 101 (fast bus) for an hour, turns out they're not every 15 minutes after 7pm on a saturday.. so we had to get the 135/155 which went through aylesford and all sorts of weird little village types between maidstone and chatham including going round rochester. it took more than twice as long! it was definitely the scenic route. it was pretty. kent is so nice and twee and i ended up living in the least twee place in whole of kent. srsly. then again, tunbridge wells was a little bit too nice, proper, posh / middle class for me. we watched the nice middle class kids talking about going out for the night and i just really missed gobby chavs fightin on bus stops shoving each other in the semi busy road. (true story down the street from mine. on a thursday night few months ago) keepin' it real or whatever. i know i always moan about chatham but i think i do kinda secretly love it. it's just the kinda place i'm from.

#4; i finally managed to print your pretty face is going straight to hell #11! i'll post info & put it on vampire sushi very very soon. probably friday/weekend. i probably won't get a chance tomorrow cos i think i'm going to folkestone to see whip it with the other roller biatches, KRG go go go!

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