Friday, August 06, 2010


to do list, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

almost there. i feel so fucking accomplished. perhaps tomorrow i'll manage to finally make some copies of my sort of 24h zine. and more of #10. and some other stuff. doing something very very exciting tomorrow. you'll see what i'm talking about very soon. i want it to be a surprise. i've managed to tell far too many 'in the real world' already. spoilers, bloody spoilers.

i've been a little quiet on the zine front lately. sorry. been busy. sort of. well, highly distracted by shit. writing letters. tumblring. distro to do listing. blah blah blah. i'll probably write about it laters. i think i'm gonna go watch pineapple express yet again with carl and write some more letters. x

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