Saturday, July 24, 2010


i've got a doctor's appointment at one on the subject of le coccyx. i feel like such a sissy* for complaining about it (or made to feel like one, whatever) but it does still hurt. to sit. to lie down, even on my belly and to stand. not massively, i can live with it. but i just don't wanna make it worse, and i need a professional to tell me, so i don't feel bad about not going to the roller derby practise tomorrow. it's only the second one though, how much do i suck? after all the introduction sheet did say something along the lines of 'if you can't commit, don't do it'. though it did also say to take a break if i need it, physically or mentally. o hai guilt. i wish i at least had a bruise to show for my injuries. my legs only stopped killing me wednesday..

i just found out that there's a helsinki roller derby team too! and a bunch of my old friends from the olden days of finnish riot grrl are on it. oh small world. and they've got a blog. i just love their logo:

it's based on havis amanda, an iconic bronze statue/fountain in kauppatori (market square) in helsinki. how ace can a logo be?

since there's no derby for me this weekend, i've decided to do my 24h zine instead. i kinda started last night, typed one page and realised i have no glue and no idea where any of my scissors are so i left it. i'll start when i get back from the doctors & glue shopping. oh and apparently some fizzy pop insence from the bong shop..

*the least misogynist/anti-female term i could think of. why is untoughness verbalised by feminine words? c'mon, women give birth and bleed monthly and all that shit. if that ain't tough, i don't know what is. i hate the english language sometimes. sigh.


sinikka said...

ahh, i hope the doctor stuff goes well and oh dear i just found out about the helsinki roller derby team today too!

( trying to really update this blog now ♥____♥ )

miss tukru said...

how do you think i found out about hellcity rollers, you mentioned it on tumblr before it all went to ERRORLAND. i was actually writing this entry (much shorter) on there and when errorfest happened i thought "fuck it i'll make it a blog entry".xXXX

Anonymous said...

AHH YESS <3 <3 <3

i hate the fact that tumblr is all ERRORR :( it makes me feel disconnected from the tumbling world. grrrhh. anyway i want to roll with you sometime if i get the chance, we would make an awesome team!!!