Wednesday, July 07, 2010


watching never mind the buzzcocks clips / episodes on youtube instead of.. doing stuff. here's some of my favourite episodes, for no reason at all;

phil's team: penny smith, alex pennie (the automatic)
bill's team: amy winehouse, andrew maxwell

phil's team: philip olivier, donny tourette (towers of london)
bill's team: alfie jackson (the holloways), noel fielding

phil's team: ed byrne, samuel preston (the ordinary boys) and ed seymour
bill's team: fyfe dangerfield (guillemots), anne charleston

phill's guests: katy brand, jermaine jackson
noel's guests: david cross, ryan jarman (the cribs)

carl's not gonna be home for another hour. i'm gonna make sophie's dahl dinner. i had a crappy day (for no reason, just felt weepy, meh and hopeless) so i deserve nice things, and i didn't manage to buy ice cream. i treated myself to nice lunch though. a sandwich & mocha from blueberry park. they make a rather nice sandwiches, i like the quacamole (avocado, cream cheese, bacon and lettuce) though mine are even nicer cos i smother the avocado in lime juice. nom nom.

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