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Submission Call for Virgin #2

Last year I wrote a very personal zine called Virgin.

I’ve been amazed by how ‘successful’ Virgin #1 has been and I’ve been touched by people who’ve taken the time to contact me about it and share their stories.

I’m now ready to write #2 and would love to include some submissions!

I’m hoping Virgin #2 will be half sized, so submissions can run to a few sides.

I really want this zine to be focused from the point of view of people, like myself, who haven’t lost their virginity. I’ve thought long and hard about this decision and am anxious that an inevitable divide isn’t created between those who have had sex and those who haven’t.

Please feel free to write about anything virginity related with the exception of:

- losing virginity stories

- well meaning “it’ll be alright... I didn’t lose my virginity until I was X age...”

(I’ve been slightly confused by the number of people who’ve picked up on my brief discussion about asexuality in Virgin #1 but as that’s just as infrequently talked about, I’m happy to include submissions that relate to virginity and asexuality).

It’s absolutely ok to submit anonymously! I make this whole zine anonymously!

Submission deadline: 18th August 2010

(I know it’s really close but I really want to get it finished during my summer holidays)

Any submission will receive a free copy of the finished zine.

All submissions and questions to: virginzine@gmail.com

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